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In person, in a one on one setting im fire, haha. I flow I present information and knowledge to clients im not even sure where it comes from. On social media not so much.  Watching myself on the screen, seeing my true authentic dorkiness haha.  But sometimes I have a who gives a F#$! mentality and I just do it. This was one of those mornings. You all loved it... here it is in its entirety.  

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Why Slender in Six


It has been over 3 years since I created a new program.  Since then I have worked with many clients. Over 10 years I have gained so much insights on what clients are wanting   male and female. We want to look good naked in the mirror, we want to have energy, longevity and a positive outlook on life.  We want something that works. We do not want to be tied to eating rabbit food or not actually living our life. 

One thing that I know that is hard is, THIS TAKES WORK.  It takes making a change and getting outside the norm that got you where you don't want to be.  This isn't just done with our food. This is done with our routine, our emotions and by gaining more knowledge on what is right. 

I don't blame you if you want to loose 5lbs or 30 lbs if that is realistic for your body. BUT I want you to loose those pounds but also feel amazing inside and out.   This is what Slender in Six is about! 


Fall into new eating patterns

changing seasons.jpg

The first day of Fall was on Friday, September 22.  In Tennessee you wouldn't know it with the 80 degree temps.   The leaves are falling off the trees and things are beginning to die off for winter.  This is a great time to cleanse and prep your body for a new season.

WHY?  When the seasons change new food is in season and we tend to crave new foods and foods that provide us what we need for the season.  In the winter we usually crave warmer foods, stews, cooked foods and heavier root veggies and meats.  We need to be mindful of our digestion during this time, because these foods can take more work to break down if your digestion is already compromised.  

What type of cleanse is good?  That will be dependent on where your body is at the time of cleansing and what your goals are.  I am currently doing an 80% juice cleanse.  4 20oz all great juices, a seaweed soup for breakfast and a raw zucchini noodle pai tai for dinner.  Juicing is not my favorite thing because I love to eat. I do like it for the digestive break I get and also the amount of nutrients I am consuming at one time.  If you are not used to restricting the types of food you eat, then a food based cleanse is a good choice. I offer two different ones.  How I am cleansing would fall into either one if you wanted to be that strict.  

Do not complicate cleansing but do remind mindful that it serves a purpose much more than a fad.  Make sure your colon is eliminating extra during cleanse time or you will have a lot of gas and constipation.   Drink plenty of water and make sure you are able to rest. 

You got this! 


Cryotherapy, I froze my butt off!

in the middle of my session.

in the middle of my session.

I have been studying cold therapy for a while. I have listened to Tony Robbins talk about his morning routine of submerging in cold water and then into warm. He does this to train his body to respond to cold with a strengthened immune system.   I have also heard of Ice Man Hof, and have had a friend train with him.  

I have attempted to sit in our sauna and then get in an ice bath at home. I was a wimp.   Then I heard of cryotherapy. I had athletic friends that use it for recovery with running and could not wait to try.  

Benefits:  Improved recovery time, decrease in inflammation, weight loss, boost in metabolism, adrenaline increase and much more.  Along with the above, I wanted to use it for mind training. Allowing my mind to have more control over the "pain" of the cold.  You are not in long enough for it to be detrimental to your body and this was my first session. I gave into the cold and It sucked.    

FullSizeRender (2).jpg

A client of mine and I went to Music City Cryotherapy.  When we walked in there was a camera crew, and I noticed a TV personality on the couch. This was the place to be haha. I chose to also have my first ever Periscope for this event. I am not good at filming myself but I am trying to come out of my shell.   We had to wait a while for our session due to the filming of the TV show.  They were awesome and offered us our session due to the wait.    I went first. You get naked with only gloves and socks.  Now I thought you had to wear underwear, which I do not, so I brought some random hanes I had. I also kept my sports bra on.  

They started me up and it was COLDDDD. Now remember the mind training? Well , I think because I was with a friend, had unexpected people to wait on, I was fired up and allowed the cold to control me. I wanted to quit, which is NOT like me.  If it were not for Periscope I might have jumped out. It felt like little pokes all over your skin. You could for sure feel your body trying to reverse the cold.  

After I felt AMAZING.  Once my body began to regulate, I had so much energy, I was just jumping around.  I had minor anxiety for the last couple days, and although I was energized i was also relaxed inside, if that makes sense.  My anxiety is gone and it is 4 hours later. My client is still feeling energized and I can not wait to go back (next week). What I will do next week is go in more relaxed, do some deep breathing and work on the mind control. 

I highly recommend this for anyone.  Go in with the idea that it will give you what you need.  Also enjoy the adrenaline rush! 

Cleansing is not about deprivation

So many times in life we deprive ourselves. Food, love, happiness.  A self sabatage so to speak.  We have a feeling we want to achieve and we do the opposite to get there. Unfortunately,  most cleanses or detoxes are designed around this idea.    I understand you might feel like once you are cleansing the toxins you are depriving yourself. You are no longer getting sugar, artificial sweeteners, etc.  A well designed cleanse will not deprive you of vitamins, minerals and the nutrients your body needs to THRIVE. 

We should begin to have each meal look like a mini cleanse, so to speak.  Everything we eat and breath can either be adding health and wellness to our body or adding toxicity. If we choose cleansing foods like leafy greens, healthy fats, and superfoods, we do a mini cleanse as we are eating these foods.  Mini cleanses will make a more intense cleanse not as bad.  

I recommend a more intense cleanse each time the seasons change.  In Tennessee we experience each season, and as they change we crave and desire different foods. A good juice cleanse or veggie fruit and fat cleanse (my 21 Day Signature Cleanse, cough cough) is good to prep your body. I know personally now that it is becoming spring I want fresh and raw foods. I crave juices and food with life.  

Either way when we cleanse we should not deprive. If you are cleansing and feel super hungry and malnourished it is not serving your body well. 

Misson Monday: Detox



So back when I first started to change into the way I am now, I found things that I read that just made sense to me, like colonics. I really didn’t have to think twice about getting old poop out of my body. It made total sense.  

 I would make one change and then continue it while moving to another. One thing my husband and I came across was rebounding.  We immediately  went and picked up a $30 mimi trampoline at the athletic store and thought how hard could this be?  It said to do it for 5 min and then move to 20 min.  We stuck it in front of the TV and for real, 5 min was HARD! 

Rebounding is simply jumping on a trampoline, just like the large one in your back yard.  The beauty of rebounding is that it is a cellular, lymphatic exercise.  It will wake up your whole body with minimal impact on your joints.  Imagine jumping up and down on the ground or concrete, the impact on your joints is very great.  When you jump on a trampoline that is greatly minimized.  

Along with rebounding being a great low impact exercise it is also wonderful for detox.   Imagine your cells and over time stress, poor eating, and lack of care becoming smashed or flattened.  Inside these flat, smashed cells are the toxicity you want to release out of your body.  As you bounce and your lymph system becomes engaged, your cells begin to wake up and in simple terms, release and dump toxicity.  This can come from your cells, inflammation in your joints and of course when you sweat.   Ten minutes of rebounding is said to be equal to 25-30 minutes of cardio or running.  

Another great way rebounding can detox is by loosening up your bowels and help with constipation.  Some colon therapists have rebounders in their office for clients to do before a colonic session. Now if you are women who has vaginally had children I know there is some prep work involved with jumping on a trampoline along with a couple bathroom breaks but it will be worth it.   

So if you are sore and achy, suffer from fibromyalgia, have a past back, hip or knee injury then this will be an amazing exercise tool. If you are on a detox or a cleanse it is another way to keep the body moving and to begin releasing toxins.  Trampolines can range from a basic being around $40 to the one I have below that comes with a stabilization bar.  The mecca of trampolines is the bellicon which is around $700.   

Motivation Detox


This is an, obviously, un used colonic scope.. say what??

This is an, obviously, un used colonic scope.. say what??

You knew it was coming as a part of my detox series :)  If you have followed, or know me, you know that I have given colonics for 9 years with my business and also personally received them. I obviously believe in them and find them to be beneficial.  They have offered great success for my nutrition clients who have chose to do them along with my cleanse and detox programs. 

I get what your first thought is... Gross, poop, butt, nasty.  Hey I get it, but not going to the bathroom and having food trash left in your body is gross and nasty. This is what is happening to most Americans.  Over consumption of toxic foods, environmental contaminants, stress, lack of sleep are aiding in a host of digestive disorders.   Were we tolerable of gluten many years ago? Did you and all your neighbors have IBS or were on an anti depressant ?  Probably not.  Gut related issues are at an all time high and its time we solve it by taking out the trash.

Imagine you buy an old home to remodel, or you have watched HGTV.  They start by ripping up some carpet, then there is tile, after the tile the original hardwood is revealed.  This is how our colon is over the years. Mucus, bad bacteria, parasites, and yeast all take up camp in your/our gut. 

I am not trying to scare you but give you a visual of where you are personally. Take yourself back to being a newborn, being fed by breastmilk (I was not) is the optimal thing for your still forming body to receive.  Our gut is established by the breastmilk and the good bacteria it provides.   Now think if you were on antibiotics as a child (i was).  Then with your good bacteria went the bad. As you continue through life, stress, poor eating and lack of sleep continue to contribute to your digestion not working properly.  Colonics allows you to chip away at the layers on your colon wall, and with proper nutrition, rest and quality bacteria your digestion can begin to restore. 

A good colon therapist is not going to try to force water in your gut to flush you out.  Gentle warm water is inserted into the colon and is to aid in whatever may released.  As this continues to happen our colon responds with a natural peristalic action (like contractions to get a baby out, but not as intense). It is like a workout for your colon, it makes it stronger.  

How many someone may need is different with every person.  Unfortunately,  there is a lot stored in there.  We should average a bowel movement for each meal. IF you are not having one with each meal then that is a meal that has been stored.  Even more so if the meals we are eating has no nutritional value.  If it is not nutritious the body will use none of it and it will be stored.  I recommend starting with three and then moving forward with what you and your therapist decide.  I talk more about colonics here on my website .  I also have attached below a couple products that will aid in repairing your colon and with constipation if you are not quite ready for colonics or they are not in the budget.

What are your questions? Have you had colonics before or even practice enemas?  

Probiotics are great for building back gut flora with proper good bacteria.  The cape aloe will boost the immune system along w soften the bowels. It will not act as a laxative or become habit forming.