Cryotherapy, I froze my butt off!

in the middle of my session.

in the middle of my session.

I have been studying cold therapy for a while. I have listened to Tony Robbins talk about his morning routine of submerging in cold water and then into warm. He does this to train his body to respond to cold with a strengthened immune system.   I have also heard of Ice Man Hof, and have had a friend train with him.  

I have attempted to sit in our sauna and then get in an ice bath at home. I was a wimp.   Then I heard of cryotherapy. I had athletic friends that use it for recovery with running and could not wait to try.  

Benefits:  Improved recovery time, decrease in inflammation, weight loss, boost in metabolism, adrenaline increase and much more.  Along with the above, I wanted to use it for mind training. Allowing my mind to have more control over the "pain" of the cold.  You are not in long enough for it to be detrimental to your body and this was my first session. I gave into the cold and It sucked.    

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A client of mine and I went to Music City Cryotherapy.  When we walked in there was a camera crew, and I noticed a TV personality on the couch. This was the place to be haha. I chose to also have my first ever Periscope for this event. I am not good at filming myself but I am trying to come out of my shell.   We had to wait a while for our session due to the filming of the TV show.  They were awesome and offered us our session due to the wait.    I went first. You get naked with only gloves and socks.  Now I thought you had to wear underwear, which I do not, so I brought some random hanes I had. I also kept my sports bra on.  

They started me up and it was COLDDDD. Now remember the mind training? Well , I think because I was with a friend, had unexpected people to wait on, I was fired up and allowed the cold to control me. I wanted to quit, which is NOT like me.  If it were not for Periscope I might have jumped out. It felt like little pokes all over your skin. You could for sure feel your body trying to reverse the cold.  

After I felt AMAZING.  Once my body began to regulate, I had so much energy, I was just jumping around.  I had minor anxiety for the last couple days, and although I was energized i was also relaxed inside, if that makes sense.  My anxiety is gone and it is 4 hours later. My client is still feeling energized and I can not wait to go back (next week). What I will do next week is go in more relaxed, do some deep breathing and work on the mind control. 

I highly recommend this for anyone.  Go in with the idea that it will give you what you need.  Also enjoy the adrenaline rush!