Misson Monday: Detox



So back when I first started to change into the way I am now, I found things that I read that just made sense to me, like colonics. I really didn’t have to think twice about getting old poop out of my body. It made total sense.  

 I would make one change and then continue it while moving to another. One thing my husband and I came across was rebounding.  We immediately  went and picked up a $30 mimi trampoline at the athletic store and thought how hard could this be?  It said to do it for 5 min and then move to 20 min.  We stuck it in front of the TV and for real, 5 min was HARD! 

Rebounding is simply jumping on a trampoline, just like the large one in your back yard.  The beauty of rebounding is that it is a cellular, lymphatic exercise.  It will wake up your whole body with minimal impact on your joints.  Imagine jumping up and down on the ground or concrete, the impact on your joints is very great.  When you jump on a trampoline that is greatly minimized.  

Along with rebounding being a great low impact exercise it is also wonderful for detox.   Imagine your cells and over time stress, poor eating, and lack of care becoming smashed or flattened.  Inside these flat, smashed cells are the toxicity you want to release out of your body.  As you bounce and your lymph system becomes engaged, your cells begin to wake up and in simple terms, release and dump toxicity.  This can come from your cells, inflammation in your joints and of course when you sweat.   Ten minutes of rebounding is said to be equal to 25-30 minutes of cardio or running.  

Another great way rebounding can detox is by loosening up your bowels and help with constipation.  Some colon therapists have rebounders in their office for clients to do before a colonic session. Now if you are women who has vaginally had children I know there is some prep work involved with jumping on a trampoline along with a couple bathroom breaks but it will be worth it.   

So if you are sore and achy, suffer from fibromyalgia, have a past back, hip or knee injury then this will be an amazing exercise tool. If you are on a detox or a cleanse it is another way to keep the body moving and to begin releasing toxins.  Trampolines can range from a basic being around $40 to the one I have below that comes with a stabilization bar.  The mecca of trampolines is the bellicon which is around $700.