Traveling and keeping your body and mind healthy at the same time is not an easy feat. New cities and new faces every night that you give your all to and then forget to take care of yourself. Then we crash and wonder why ... Sarah is the glue between you and the performer you. The mechanic for the machine. The piece that has been missing in all of the craziness on tour. She helps you keep what you put into your body in check and at the same time offers the love and positivity that we forget to give ourselves after leaving it all on stage.. She’s the angel on the road :) no more crashing, no more waiting till you get home to be healthy and feel good again. It’s a lifestyle that continues to flourish w/ Sarah by your side.



Personal Assistant for all things nutrition and health

- Customized programs based on health, weight and fitness needs/goals

-Meals for on and off the bus. Having your home fridge stocked for when you are not traveling. 

-Meals in the studio and during writing sessions

-Exclusively available to travel on the road to have food and my programs catered to you on the road.

-Available through text or phone pretty much 24/7 ;)