Pop your Bubble

This is Jumpei, a dear friend. He lives in San Diego, climbs trees in Costa Rica, and brews the best superfood Kombucha. Follow his love and openness here...  Living Organite Jumpei

This is Jumpei, a dear friend. He lives in San Diego, climbs trees in Costa Rica, and brews the best superfood Kombucha. Follow his love and openness here... Living Organite Jumpei

This past week I spent in Anaheim California at David Wolfe Longevity Conference.   This is the fourth conference I have worked. We run a tonic bar, 15 hour days, a whole lot of herbal tonic drinks and superfoods served. It is heart centering but body exhausting.   I get to work with my "family" and best friends. We come together just for this event. Some local, one from Washington, DC and then of course my self, the country girl from Tennessee.   

The first time I went I enjoyed the fact know one knew who I was. I didn't have labels attached as mom, business owner, wife etc.  I was there to serve and I came alive. I got to see people I admired online and through lectures. Some I was impressed by, in person, others not so much.  

One thing I could see is the side of health that isn't healthy. There is a big movement to get the message to a larger audience. To provide the love of Mother Earth, God, and our whole race to a higher level.  What I find is missing is a lot of the people with the message are only presenting their message to those who will understand it and not to those who need to hear it. I see it being spoke to those in their bubble but not in a way that can be heard by those that should listen.  Now, it is ok that you speak your truth in an authentic way, but I do not think it is good to talk shit about those who do not understand when you barely speak their language.  

POP YOUR BUBBLE. I actually said to someone in line that was being ridiculous about the fact we used hotel ice instead of bringing in bags of fresh spring water ice, " Would't it be nice if we all got to choose what bubble we could live in"  Once you know what I know and what she knew, it would be very easy to feel like you needed to live in a bubble. When you walk outside you may breathe your neighbors sprayed lawn, or have to smell someones perfume that is toxic as you eat dinner. We do not always get to choose what is around us unless we live remotely and stay there.   So I do what I can with what I know and I work hard to present my message in a way that is understandable by the masses.  Cause, lets be frank, its the masses that need to hear it. Not the small group that was at this conference.   I also know I have to be honest and upfront when someone is making excuses about their health, and what they are doing is harmful. 

I love those of you speaking your truth about the world and being real, but remember your message is only heard by those in a place to hear it.  If you speak over their head and as if you have information they do not and they must follow you to get it.... Your message is lost.  

If you see me to much in a bubble.... pop it for me,

Love you all,


My trip to Dallas


I recently went to Dallas not for the first time, but the first time to be there and enjoy. I had some scheduled appointments, time with a great friend and also to teach a class at the Allen, Tx Juice Bar which is right outside of Dallas.  

Prior to the class I got to meet with my cousin, his wife and new baby who I had not seen in a while.  The class was next door and we had about 20 people in attendance. It was a great turn out for my first class there and the first class they had offered in their location. 

I spoke on weight loss and gut health, two major topics.  Both require a lot of guidance and both are a huge problem all around.  I gain so much during my talks from the Q and A portion. I think it is almost more important than what I am saying. It is the time the audience asks what they want to know. I get an insight on what the "real world" is going through, not what I hear from my bubble or the articles I read.

In the last year, I always get asked about Keto, and intermittent Fasting. Both are currently trends but done right are amazing.  I will not go into details on this post of each, but I will say that neither are ones to just hop into.  Teaching a class I do not know, know the person asking the question. I can only answer generally and from my area of expertise.  What I will say in this post about each is that if your only goal for either is to lose weight, do not do it. You will wreck your hormones and gain the weight back. We have to remain nutrient strong. 


I also got to connect with a friend I met in 2012 after she reached out to me about my business. She is also a holistic practitioner and we have followed each other on social every since.  I am grateful for her support. 

The rest of the visit was about relaxing and recharging. I was taken to The King Spa and sweat in various sauna/salt rooms. Each room was more hot than the last. Each room was also full of amazing Amethyst crystals. It was nice to detox, relax and recharge. 

I plan on visiting Dallas more, doing more talks and getting outside my bubble.



Motivational Monday: Hoosiers

I have not posted for a while. To be honest I have chose to just relax and not do. I was over doing and feeling like any free moment I wasn't working was bad and you know what........ It didnt' help. It didnt' make my business better, it didn't make my mind better.  It only left me focusing to much on future and not the now.  This clip from one of my favorite sports movies address just that! 

Motivation Monday: Wonder

how many times when you are see a movie trailer do you cry?  Maybe Im the minority, but if it happens I am def going to watch that movie.   This is what happened with Wonder. It is no longer in the theatre but I am sure soon on dvd or Redbox.   I think the mother in me was drawn to the story and knowing, that although my children do not have a disability, we put them out into the world hoping the world treats them kind.  We all know everyone will not but we have to let them Wonder.   I loved taking my kids to this movie.  


Monday Motivation: Rudy

Maybe I want to cry every monday morning, or to be reminded that I am going after something bigger than myself,and I often times wonder what that even is.  

Born and raised in Indiana, we were spoiled with great sports inspired movies (yes Hoosiers will make a presence) 

Use Monday to motivate yourself to get through the week and go after things bigger than yourself!