Why Slender in Six


It has been over 3 years since I created a new program.  Since then I have worked with many clients. Over 10 years I have gained so much insights on what clients are wanting   male and female. We want to look good naked in the mirror, we want to have energy, longevity and a positive outlook on life.  We want something that works. We do not want to be tied to eating rabbit food or not actually living our life. 

One thing that I know that is hard is, THIS TAKES WORK.  It takes making a change and getting outside the norm that got you where you don't want to be.  This isn't just done with our food. This is done with our routine, our emotions and by gaining more knowledge on what is right. 

I don't blame you if you want to loose 5lbs or 30 lbs if that is realistic for your body. BUT I want you to loose those pounds but also feel amazing inside and out.   This is what Slender in Six is about! 


Cryotherapy, I froze my butt off!

in the middle of my session.

in the middle of my session.

I have been studying cold therapy for a while. I have listened to Tony Robbins talk about his morning routine of submerging in cold water and then into warm. He does this to train his body to respond to cold with a strengthened immune system.   I have also heard of Ice Man Hof, and have had a friend train with him.  

I have attempted to sit in our sauna and then get in an ice bath at home. I was a wimp.   Then I heard of cryotherapy. I had athletic friends that use it for recovery with running and could not wait to try.  

Benefits:  Improved recovery time, decrease in inflammation, weight loss, boost in metabolism, adrenaline increase and much more.  Along with the above, I wanted to use it for mind training. Allowing my mind to have more control over the "pain" of the cold.  You are not in long enough for it to be detrimental to your body and this was my first session. I gave into the cold and It sucked.    

FullSizeRender (2).jpg

A client of mine and I went to Music City Cryotherapy.  When we walked in there was a camera crew, and I noticed a TV personality on the couch. This was the place to be haha. I chose to also have my first ever Periscope for this event. I am not good at filming myself but I am trying to come out of my shell.   We had to wait a while for our session due to the filming of the TV show.  They were awesome and offered us our session due to the wait.    I went first. You get naked with only gloves and socks.  Now I thought you had to wear underwear, which I do not, so I brought some random hanes I had. I also kept my sports bra on.  

They started me up and it was COLDDDD. Now remember the mind training? Well , I think because I was with a friend, had unexpected people to wait on, I was fired up and allowed the cold to control me. I wanted to quit, which is NOT like me.  If it were not for Periscope I might have jumped out. It felt like little pokes all over your skin. You could for sure feel your body trying to reverse the cold.  

After I felt AMAZING.  Once my body began to regulate, I had so much energy, I was just jumping around.  I had minor anxiety for the last couple days, and although I was energized i was also relaxed inside, if that makes sense.  My anxiety is gone and it is 4 hours later. My client is still feeling energized and I can not wait to go back (next week). What I will do next week is go in more relaxed, do some deep breathing and work on the mind control. 

I highly recommend this for anyone.  Go in with the idea that it will give you what you need.  Also enjoy the adrenaline rush! 

Detox: Mission Monday

It is Monday, everyones favorite day of the week, right? Let's detox that thought to. I am going to give you are reason to look forward to Monday and give you a mission for the week. This mission will open up your bodies pathways to get all the junk you have been holding on to, OUT!

I will start with simple tips and then move into ones that might require a little more work.  The important thing about detox is that it does need to go slow if you are fairly toxic. It allows the liver to not get overburdened and have you feel more toxic.  

Todays Tip:  Dry Brush

Dry brushing is a very easy way to remove dead skin cells, open up your pores and increase blood flow and metabolism in your body.  It is done with a brush that has harder bristles than your standard bath brush. Some even use a vegetable scrubbing brush.  

Our skin is our largest organ and is a pathway from toxins to come in and, with dry brushing, to go out.  What we put on our body it eats. If you are using a lotion with parabens, dyes, and artificial scents, your body is absorbing all of this.  If you can't eat it or would get sick from eating it, do not put it on your skin.  By the time things are getting to your skin it is a sign your inner body is needing to release.  Psoriasis, eczema, yeast, pimples, all manifest from the inside wanting to come out.  

First, you need to purchase a brush as your local drug store online or Whole Foods. You want to make sure the brush is firm and not soft. Most will say dry brush on the label. When waking up, or before your bath, you brush your body in long strokes toward your heart (always).  You will need for your skin to get pink or red and your will feel more energized and clean as you are doing it. Your pores will feel open, like when you are wash your face really good.  

If you have poor skin tone, cellulite or any skin conditions you will begin to notice improvement after a week.  If you do this in conjunction with reducing and removing toxic chemicals from your skin you are successfully helping to detox your skin.  

Have you dry brushed?  If you try it this week let me know how it goes! 

Earth's Water




What do I mean by earth's water?   I believe the best water we can be drinking for our body comes from the earth.  Unpolluted, natural spring water from our local eco system.

Natural spring water provides us with much needed naturally occurring minerals like, sodium, potassium and magnesium.  This water will also help revitalize our adrenals and combat stress.  To find a spring near you, visit Find A Spring 

Up to 60% of a human body is made up of water, yet it is sometimes the hardest thing for us to drink enough of on a daily basis. Dehydration is the cause of so many ailments.  Weight gain, constipation, headaches, skin problems, the list goes on and on. They could all be improved or eliminated by simply drinking water.  

I remember in my early 20's when I met my husband I would have a headache or be hungry when I had just eaten and he would say, "just drink water"  I thought how simple and how is that going to help?  Well guess what, he had a book about it, your bodies many cries for water. In his book he goes through what he calls UCD Unintentional Chronic Dehydration and the many issues that arise with us waiting until we are dry mouthed or dehydrated to take drinks. It is very worth the read and I imagine after, light bulbs will go off with the simplicity of reversing issues by drinking water.  

Here are my tips on getting more water in

    1.  Start drinking when you first wake up. Make a deal with yourself that will not get any coffee, tea or other drinks until you have a certain amount of water. I do a liter.

   2.  An Ayurvedic technique for resetting hydration is to sip on hot water for a day or more. This will allow your body to begin to absorb water better, and will also have the cells cleansed at a deeper level. 

  3.  Plan in extra water if you are a coffee, wine or pop drinker. These liquids are dehydrating and will have our body asking for more water.  Answer the call :) 

Last tip I will leave you with is stop drinking from plastic water bottles. Water bottles are polluting the earth and your body.  The plastic in the water bottle will leach pollutants into your water along with the bpa providing you with photo-estrogens that will be stored by your liver.  I prefer glass and stainless steel.  Amazon has some great options ( see below) that are actually quite stylish or you can reuse a voss glass bottle if you choose.

Do you get in enough water?  I would love to hear your water tips and what works for you!

Perfect Superfood, Chorella

I love superfoods. Now I am not talking about blueberries and kale, they are great, but I am talking about those not found in your backyard.  I want your mind to be blown by their amazingness and to also know how to use them. These superfoods are real food supplements that can be used everyday to have you feeling like a Rockstar.

I chose Chorella because it is one of those superfoods that is not very mainstream like cacao or coconuts and I have recommended it a few times in the recent month.  Chorella is a single celled algea and full of amazing chlorophyll and B vitamins. It is also full of protein much like its green cousin Spirulina. Spirulina and Chorella can be a wonderful multi vitamin.
It is amazing for your digestive system as it helps to repair the colon and allow gut flora to flourish.  Chorella is also amazing at binding to heavy metals and moving it out of the body. Daily use of Chorella in tablet or powder form will help get rid of radiation from cell phones and scanners. It will help move out any mercury and toxins that come  from vaccines. It is great conjunction with cilantro for this reason.  If you are suffering from memory loss, dementia or early onset alzheimers it is a great addition to your prevention and recovery.  Chorella will also help with boosting the immune system to prevent cold and flus, help with Fibromyalgia, colon disorders like crohns and colitis and is great for constipation issues.
Chorella does contain large amounts of Vitamin K and can cause contradictions if you are taking medicines that deal directly with your blood.

The best way I enjoy Chorella is in a power smoothie with all my other favorite superfoods. I like to do this early in the day to utilize the benefits all day for great energy . You can sprinkle it on a salad, or make a green salad dressing. I also will mix it in my raw chocolate recipe because the dark chorella mixed with the dark color of cacao allows me to hid chorella and spirulina from my kids.

Do you use chorella? I want to know about your thoughts and success here in the comments.

Keep that Rockstar feeling and I am here when you need me,