I am a certified Integrative Nutrition health counselor with 10 years of experience in nutrition , along with an accreditation with the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. I specialize in:  superfoods, detoxing and cleansing programs. These programs are created specifically for my clients' needs. I work with celebrities, the music industry, athletes, and busy on-the-go individuals. As a hands on mom of two, getting real food and less preservatives in your body is my mission. My clients lead busy lives with exhausting schedules that pull them different directions. They need to whip themselves back into shape, have more energy, endurance, and healthy vitality.

I am the nutritionist in your back pocket. My clients become more productive, profitable and feel amazing. I am the superfood expert that creates nutrition and lifestyle changes that detox your life to Feel Like a Rockstar. 

Degrees and Accreditations 

Bachelors Degree from Middle Tennessee State University, Two year certification from Institute of Integrative Nutrition,Certified Colon Hydrotherapist, Member of the American Association of Drugless Practitioner, and scholar of all things holistic nutrition and lifestyle. 

Hannah Guffey 

Hannah is the newest, most amazing addition to the SMH family.  She has recently completed training to be a colon hydrotherapist and is eager to assist you in what ever goals you have when it comes to colonics and feeling better. 

Originally from a small town on the outskirts of Chattanooga, TN, She ventured to Nashville for adventure and the next chapter in her life.

After working in the coffee industry for 8 years, she found a new passion for health and wellness, which led me to working at a juice bar. Over the last year and a half, I've learned many things about nutrition, superfoods, a healthy diet, and the happiness and peace they can bring. For her, health and happiness go hand in hand.

For most of my life I thought I  was a pretty healthy person. I was skinny and thought I could eat everything. That is until my skin, body, and personality started changing. I developed eczema, rosacea, and other problems on my skin. Which started to effect my self esteem. I started feeling more tired and depressed. The only thing I looked forward to was sitting in front of the tv. When it came to my skin I tried different creams, facials, but nothing worked. It wasn't until I started changing what I put into my body, instead on in that really started to clear up my skin problems. I didn't realize how much I was hurting myself by what I was eating. Also, with the changes I was making I started loosing weigh. The best part about it though, for the first time I felt good. Through working at the juice bar, I also met Sarah Moore, who helped me in my next step in learning about nutrition and especially colonics.