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In person, in a one on one setting im fire, haha. I flow I present information and knowledge to clients im not even sure where it comes from. On social media not so much.  Watching myself on the screen, seeing my true authentic dorkiness haha.  But sometimes I have a who gives a F#$! mentality and I just do it. This was one of those mornings. You all loved it... here it is in its entirety.  

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Motivation Detox


This is an, obviously, un used colonic scope.. say what??

This is an, obviously, un used colonic scope.. say what??

You knew it was coming as a part of my detox series :)  If you have followed, or know me, you know that I have given colonics for 9 years with my business and also personally received them. I obviously believe in them and find them to be beneficial.  They have offered great success for my nutrition clients who have chose to do them along with my cleanse and detox programs. 

I get what your first thought is... Gross, poop, butt, nasty.  Hey I get it, but not going to the bathroom and having food trash left in your body is gross and nasty. This is what is happening to most Americans.  Over consumption of toxic foods, environmental contaminants, stress, lack of sleep are aiding in a host of digestive disorders.   Were we tolerable of gluten many years ago? Did you and all your neighbors have IBS or were on an anti depressant ?  Probably not.  Gut related issues are at an all time high and its time we solve it by taking out the trash.

Imagine you buy an old home to remodel, or you have watched HGTV.  They start by ripping up some carpet, then there is tile, after the tile the original hardwood is revealed.  This is how our colon is over the years. Mucus, bad bacteria, parasites, and yeast all take up camp in your/our gut. 

I am not trying to scare you but give you a visual of where you are personally. Take yourself back to being a newborn, being fed by breastmilk (I was not) is the optimal thing for your still forming body to receive.  Our gut is established by the breastmilk and the good bacteria it provides.   Now think if you were on antibiotics as a child (i was).  Then with your good bacteria went the bad. As you continue through life, stress, poor eating and lack of sleep continue to contribute to your digestion not working properly.  Colonics allows you to chip away at the layers on your colon wall, and with proper nutrition, rest and quality bacteria your digestion can begin to restore. 

A good colon therapist is not going to try to force water in your gut to flush you out.  Gentle warm water is inserted into the colon and is to aid in whatever may released.  As this continues to happen our colon responds with a natural peristalic action (like contractions to get a baby out, but not as intense). It is like a workout for your colon, it makes it stronger.  

How many someone may need is different with every person.  Unfortunately,  there is a lot stored in there.  We should average a bowel movement for each meal. IF you are not having one with each meal then that is a meal that has been stored.  Even more so if the meals we are eating has no nutritional value.  If it is not nutritious the body will use none of it and it will be stored.  I recommend starting with three and then moving forward with what you and your therapist decide.  I talk more about colonics here on my website .  I also have attached below a couple products that will aid in repairing your colon and with constipation if you are not quite ready for colonics or they are not in the budget.

What are your questions? Have you had colonics before or even practice enemas?  

Probiotics are great for building back gut flora with proper good bacteria.  The cape aloe will boost the immune system along w soften the bowels. It will not act as a laxative or become habit forming.