Earth's Water




What do I mean by earth's water?   I believe the best water we can be drinking for our body comes from the earth.  Unpolluted, natural spring water from our local eco system.

Natural spring water provides us with much needed naturally occurring minerals like, sodium, potassium and magnesium.  This water will also help revitalize our adrenals and combat stress.  To find a spring near you, visit Find A Spring 

Up to 60% of a human body is made up of water, yet it is sometimes the hardest thing for us to drink enough of on a daily basis. Dehydration is the cause of so many ailments.  Weight gain, constipation, headaches, skin problems, the list goes on and on. They could all be improved or eliminated by simply drinking water.  

I remember in my early 20's when I met my husband I would have a headache or be hungry when I had just eaten and he would say, "just drink water"  I thought how simple and how is that going to help?  Well guess what, he had a book about it, your bodies many cries for water. In his book he goes through what he calls UCD Unintentional Chronic Dehydration and the many issues that arise with us waiting until we are dry mouthed or dehydrated to take drinks. It is very worth the read and I imagine after, light bulbs will go off with the simplicity of reversing issues by drinking water.  

Here are my tips on getting more water in

    1.  Start drinking when you first wake up. Make a deal with yourself that will not get any coffee, tea or other drinks until you have a certain amount of water. I do a liter.

   2.  An Ayurvedic technique for resetting hydration is to sip on hot water for a day or more. This will allow your body to begin to absorb water better, and will also have the cells cleansed at a deeper level. 

  3.  Plan in extra water if you are a coffee, wine or pop drinker. These liquids are dehydrating and will have our body asking for more water.  Answer the call :) 

Last tip I will leave you with is stop drinking from plastic water bottles. Water bottles are polluting the earth and your body.  The plastic in the water bottle will leach pollutants into your water along with the bpa providing you with photo-estrogens that will be stored by your liver.  I prefer glass and stainless steel.  Amazon has some great options ( see below) that are actually quite stylish or you can reuse a voss glass bottle if you choose.

Do you get in enough water?  I would love to hear your water tips and what works for you!