Perfect Superfood, Chorella

I love superfoods. Now I am not talking about blueberries and kale, they are great, but I am talking about those not found in your backyard.  I want your mind to be blown by their amazingness and to also know how to use them. These superfoods are real food supplements that can be used everyday to have you feeling like a Rockstar.

I chose Chorella because it is one of those superfoods that is not very mainstream like cacao or coconuts and I have recommended it a few times in the recent month.  Chorella is a single celled algea and full of amazing chlorophyll and B vitamins. It is also full of protein much like its green cousin Spirulina. Spirulina and Chorella can be a wonderful multi vitamin.
It is amazing for your digestive system as it helps to repair the colon and allow gut flora to flourish.  Chorella is also amazing at binding to heavy metals and moving it out of the body. Daily use of Chorella in tablet or powder form will help get rid of radiation from cell phones and scanners. It will help move out any mercury and toxins that come  from vaccines. It is great conjunction with cilantro for this reason.  If you are suffering from memory loss, dementia or early onset alzheimers it is a great addition to your prevention and recovery.  Chorella will also help with boosting the immune system to prevent cold and flus, help with Fibromyalgia, colon disorders like crohns and colitis and is great for constipation issues.
Chorella does contain large amounts of Vitamin K and can cause contradictions if you are taking medicines that deal directly with your blood.

The best way I enjoy Chorella is in a power smoothie with all my other favorite superfoods. I like to do this early in the day to utilize the benefits all day for great energy . You can sprinkle it on a salad, or make a green salad dressing. I also will mix it in my raw chocolate recipe because the dark chorella mixed with the dark color of cacao allows me to hid chorella and spirulina from my kids.

Do you use chorella? I want to know about your thoughts and success here in the comments.

Keep that Rockstar feeling and I am here when you need me,