Detox: Mission Monday

It is Monday, everyones favorite day of the week, right? Let's detox that thought to. I am going to give you are reason to look forward to Monday and give you a mission for the week. This mission will open up your bodies pathways to get all the junk you have been holding on to, OUT!

I will start with simple tips and then move into ones that might require a little more work.  The important thing about detox is that it does need to go slow if you are fairly toxic. It allows the liver to not get overburdened and have you feel more toxic.  

Todays Tip:  Dry Brush

Dry brushing is a very easy way to remove dead skin cells, open up your pores and increase blood flow and metabolism in your body.  It is done with a brush that has harder bristles than your standard bath brush. Some even use a vegetable scrubbing brush.  

Our skin is our largest organ and is a pathway from toxins to come in and, with dry brushing, to go out.  What we put on our body it eats. If you are using a lotion with parabens, dyes, and artificial scents, your body is absorbing all of this.  If you can't eat it or would get sick from eating it, do not put it on your skin.  By the time things are getting to your skin it is a sign your inner body is needing to release.  Psoriasis, eczema, yeast, pimples, all manifest from the inside wanting to come out.  

First, you need to purchase a brush as your local drug store online or Whole Foods. You want to make sure the brush is firm and not soft. Most will say dry brush on the label. When waking up, or before your bath, you brush your body in long strokes toward your heart (always).  You will need for your skin to get pink or red and your will feel more energized and clean as you are doing it. Your pores will feel open, like when you are wash your face really good.  

If you have poor skin tone, cellulite or any skin conditions you will begin to notice improvement after a week.  If you do this in conjunction with reducing and removing toxic chemicals from your skin you are successfully helping to detox your skin.  

Have you dry brushed?  If you try it this week let me know how it goes!