Pop your Bubble

This is Jumpei, a dear friend. He lives in San Diego, climbs trees in Costa Rica, and brews the best superfood Kombucha. Follow his love and openness here...  Living Organite Jumpei

This is Jumpei, a dear friend. He lives in San Diego, climbs trees in Costa Rica, and brews the best superfood Kombucha. Follow his love and openness here... Living Organite Jumpei

This past week I spent in Anaheim California at David Wolfe Longevity Conference.   This is the fourth conference I have worked. We run a tonic bar, 15 hour days, a whole lot of herbal tonic drinks and superfoods served. It is heart centering but body exhausting.   I get to work with my "family" and best friends. We come together just for this event. Some local, one from Washington, DC and then of course my self, the country girl from Tennessee.   

The first time I went I enjoyed the fact know one knew who I was. I didn't have labels attached as mom, business owner, wife etc.  I was there to serve and I came alive. I got to see people I admired online and through lectures. Some I was impressed by, in person, others not so much.  

One thing I could see is the side of health that isn't healthy. There is a big movement to get the message to a larger audience. To provide the love of Mother Earth, God, and our whole race to a higher level.  What I find is missing is a lot of the people with the message are only presenting their message to those who will understand it and not to those who need to hear it. I see it being spoke to those in their bubble but not in a way that can be heard by those that should listen.  Now, it is ok that you speak your truth in an authentic way, but I do not think it is good to talk shit about those who do not understand when you barely speak their language.  

POP YOUR BUBBLE. I actually said to someone in line that was being ridiculous about the fact we used hotel ice instead of bringing in bags of fresh spring water ice, " Would't it be nice if we all got to choose what bubble we could live in"  Once you know what I know and what she knew, it would be very easy to feel like you needed to live in a bubble. When you walk outside you may breathe your neighbors sprayed lawn, or have to smell someones perfume that is toxic as you eat dinner. We do not always get to choose what is around us unless we live remotely and stay there.   So I do what I can with what I know and I work hard to present my message in a way that is understandable by the masses.  Cause, lets be frank, its the masses that need to hear it. Not the small group that was at this conference.   I also know I have to be honest and upfront when someone is making excuses about their health, and what they are doing is harmful. 

I love those of you speaking your truth about the world and being real, but remember your message is only heard by those in a place to hear it.  If you speak over their head and as if you have information they do not and they must follow you to get it.... Your message is lost.  

If you see me to much in a bubble.... pop it for me,

Love you all,


Prepare for life.

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I will hear over and over, I know how to eat I just don't do it or prepare.   We know we have to prepare for goals.  It started as early as grade school, prepping for a test.  We had daily class, we read text books and then we studied for the test.  Over and over we did this.   We prep for our week by look at schedules, kids events, and appointments    What outfits or clothes need to be washed for this ball game or this recital.  You get my point right? Planning goes into a everything we do. It becomes so normal we don't even think about it, we just do it.   
Our eating and meals need to also be planned for success. This does not mean you have to meal prep the same boring meal for every day in your plastic Tupperware and hope after you microwave it it tastes good.   This means you look at your week, what it entails and then plan your fuel to match your work load.

You wouldn't plan on drinking a smoothie for breakfast after a big workout if you knew you wouldn't get lunch until later that day (after normal lunch hours). You would do it a couple times  be ravished with hunger and then realized you need more food after the workout or to bring a snack you can have since lunch was delayed.  
Look at your week, see what you physically and mentally have to do. How can you fuel yourself to make it through the week?  Do you know you need more fat to fuel your brain through a long meeting or intense research?  Do you have a lot of tough patients or clients that day and you need to feel strong and stable to get through it? Are you staying at home with your children and the day is all over the place and you need to be light and flexible so you have the energy to go where the day takes you?  
We have to get out of the rut of running through fast food or not eating when our day gets overwhelming.   Are there things you can have in your office or car to make sure when you forget that you can easily fuel so you don't loose all your energy or go into hangry mode?  

Here are some quick grabs for you to stay on track:

1. Trail mix: Made at home  or a good quality purchased ( this means unsweetened fruit, no candy) 

2. Greens powder:  Containers or individual packets to add to water or tea as a boost to your nutrition for that day. It will not fill your belly but it will give your body fuel through vitamins and minerals. 

3. Primal Kitchen bars or Kind Bars: Both are great low sugar options that allow you to grab a quick snack that provides quality fat and protein.  If the weather isn't to hot and you choose ones without chocolate they will not melt.  

4.  Have your favorite quality restaurants on your phone.  Any place can be fast food if you call ahead.  They can make sure you have a snack or meal that is keeping you on track and some will bring it right to your car.  

5.  Utilize apps like, insta cart, postmates, order up, Amazon, and Uber Eats. If you are in their area all the above can deliver you your groceries or your meal.  It may even be getting green juice and bar from Whole foods.  You will pay a little extra in a delivery fee but hey, you would pay more at a diner and also giving a tip. 

Life is always moving and always changing. Some things are in our control others are not.  If we plan ahead we can navigate with ease and not feel like a "chicken with your head cut off"  

I am here for you,



If you have children, you understand milestones. Sometimes to much judging what they are doing daily by their age to see if they are on track.  All of us mothers/fathers know that in time a well loved baby/child/teen/adult will reach their milestones on their own time as they learn. 

Recently, as it relates to my business I have had a few milestones that have caused me to reflect on my business as a whole. I am grateful for this reflection. It has allowed me to see how far I have come and to continue striving, although there might be set backs along the way.  

One came in the form of my friend Amber that gives me facials.  She is so loving and listens so well. We were talking about my career and she said she thinks of me often and remembers me saying I want to be so successful I can bathe in goji berries. Now, if you follow me you know gojis are my favorite superfood.  The reason why they are so dear outside of them being amazing nutritiously, they are a milestone reminder.


When I started changing my lifestyle to organic and conventional free in all aspects, (13 years ago) I remember looking at all the superfoods and lifestyle modalities thinking, how will I every be able to afford those.   Colonics, superfoods, sauna, best water ever, Whole Foods. As I sit today all of those are a part of my daily life.  I own a sauna, I give and receive colonics, I have a cabinet full of superfood and super herbs, (3 pounds of goji's a month), and the kids and I eat at Whole Foods regularly.  It has happened and evolved over time, following my passion, giving to others and choosing a life that is authentic for my family and I. 

Another milestone happened last Thursday at a class I taught.  Now, I get to meet and work with some pretty epic people.  People that others would just dream of shaking their hand, i am in their home or they are in my office. I totally get that, and I am grateful for it. I value each client with gratitude whether they are a celebrity or not. Now does this mean I feel "special" or what have you. Nah, I am doing something I love and at the end of the day I want to come home to my kids and have them be proud of me.  I do forget that what I am doing is touching and changing lives, even if it is someone leaving a class and buying some spirulina.  

Now back to the class. I wasn't sure of the attendance or how the night would be. Classes are a night for me to talk talk talk, hang out with epic people, and this talk was at Sunflower Cafe, so I know I would have an amazing meal.  When I arrived there was already people waiting for me.  Then more showed up, and more. It was a fairly packed class for the location.  

One sweet couple was there and had mentioned they just moved to town and her sister who lived in another state follows me on instagram and told her to come. And if I didn't' mind to take a picture with me.  Heart explode!   Me, you want a pic with me??  WOW!  Milestone.   It had been a rough day that handled me some disappointments and this was just the remedy I needed. It was a reminder what I was doing was working and to keep following that path. 

Take inventory, count your blessing and stay grateful  milestones are always happening, as they should and on the time they should.  Its really not up to us right?   :) 


#TBT What is Right vs What is Easy

This is a Throwback to a post I wrote August 30, 2012 on an old blog, I still find it relevant today. 

We all have been faced with that thought. I can do what is right and we all know what is right, or we can do what is easy. Sometimes there is consequences sometimes not.   There is also that perfect time that they are hand in hand and what is Right is Easy… Beauty.

I often go over this in my kinda no nonsense approach to getting healthy.  Its not always easy. We have gotten unhealthy because what was easy took over what was right.   Now the key is to reverse and make what is right easy.  Give your self a road map, such as one you got to know how to move up your corporate ladder, or you got to know how to be a number one selling artist, or what you know to be right with being a good parent ( and we know being a parent isnt easy).  GIve yourself a road map to health. Now if you are working with me, I will knock that out for you, if not, design your own.

What do you even want?  Energy, Weight Loss, Eat more Clean

How do you want to feel?   Successful, Energetic, Relieved

What is your long term goal?  To feed your family better, to eat more cooked meals, get off meds

All of these are things need to be outlined when you are wanting your own roadmap. Once we get an idea on what is right for us, we can work at it with more ease.  Believe me it will be tough and every new turn will have new challenges because the rest of the world will not cater to us trying to get healthy.  You have to stay determined.  You did not slide by on your way to a degree, or to a management position and you sure as hell didn’t become and athlete by hanging out watching TV.

Step it up, recognize your worth and make it happen. You invest in stocks, life insurance, college, invest in feeling like a rockstar and get healthy