If you have children, you understand milestones. Sometimes to much judging what they are doing daily by their age to see if they are on track.  All of us mothers/fathers know that in time a well loved baby/child/teen/adult will reach their milestones on their own time as they learn. 

Recently, as it relates to my business I have had a few milestones that have caused me to reflect on my business as a whole. I am grateful for this reflection. It has allowed me to see how far I have come and to continue striving, although there might be set backs along the way.  

One came in the form of my friend Amber that gives me facials.  She is so loving and listens so well. We were talking about my career and she said she thinks of me often and remembers me saying I want to be so successful I can bathe in goji berries. Now, if you follow me you know gojis are my favorite superfood.  The reason why they are so dear outside of them being amazing nutritiously, they are a milestone reminder.


When I started changing my lifestyle to organic and conventional free in all aspects, (13 years ago) I remember looking at all the superfoods and lifestyle modalities thinking, how will I every be able to afford those.   Colonics, superfoods, sauna, best water ever, Whole Foods. As I sit today all of those are a part of my daily life.  I own a sauna, I give and receive colonics, I have a cabinet full of superfood and super herbs, (3 pounds of goji's a month), and the kids and I eat at Whole Foods regularly.  It has happened and evolved over time, following my passion, giving to others and choosing a life that is authentic for my family and I. 

Another milestone happened last Thursday at a class I taught.  Now, I get to meet and work with some pretty epic people.  People that others would just dream of shaking their hand, i am in their home or they are in my office. I totally get that, and I am grateful for it. I value each client with gratitude whether they are a celebrity or not. Now does this mean I feel "special" or what have you. Nah, I am doing something I love and at the end of the day I want to come home to my kids and have them be proud of me.  I do forget that what I am doing is touching and changing lives, even if it is someone leaving a class and buying some spirulina.  

Now back to the class. I wasn't sure of the attendance or how the night would be. Classes are a night for me to talk talk talk, hang out with epic people, and this talk was at Sunflower Cafe, so I know I would have an amazing meal.  When I arrived there was already people waiting for me.  Then more showed up, and more. It was a fairly packed class for the location.  

One sweet couple was there and had mentioned they just moved to town and her sister who lived in another state follows me on instagram and told her to come. And if I didn't' mind to take a picture with me.  Heart explode!   Me, you want a pic with me??  WOW!  Milestone.   It had been a rough day that handled me some disappointments and this was just the remedy I needed. It was a reminder what I was doing was working and to keep following that path. 

Take inventory, count your blessing and stay grateful  milestones are always happening, as they should and on the time they should.  Its really not up to us right?   :)