#TBT What is Right vs What is Easy

This is a Throwback to a post I wrote August 30, 2012 on an old blog, I still find it relevant today. 

We all have been faced with that thought. I can do what is right and we all know what is right, or we can do what is easy. Sometimes there is consequences sometimes not.   There is also that perfect time that they are hand in hand and what is Right is Easy… Beauty.

I often go over this in my kinda no nonsense approach to getting healthy.  Its not always easy. We have gotten unhealthy because what was easy took over what was right.   Now the key is to reverse and make what is right easy.  Give your self a road map, such as one you got to know how to move up your corporate ladder, or you got to know how to be a number one selling artist, or what you know to be right with being a good parent ( and we know being a parent isnt easy).  GIve yourself a road map to health. Now if you are working with me, I will knock that out for you, if not, design your own.

What do you even want?  Energy, Weight Loss, Eat more Clean

How do you want to feel?   Successful, Energetic, Relieved

What is your long term goal?  To feed your family better, to eat more cooked meals, get off meds

All of these are things need to be outlined when you are wanting your own roadmap. Once we get an idea on what is right for us, we can work at it with more ease.  Believe me it will be tough and every new turn will have new challenges because the rest of the world will not cater to us trying to get healthy.  You have to stay determined.  You did not slide by on your way to a degree, or to a management position and you sure as hell didn’t become and athlete by hanging out watching TV.

Step it up, recognize your worth and make it happen. You invest in stocks, life insurance, college, invest in feeling like a rockstar and get healthy