Ep 12: Cortland Finnegan Interview

I am so excited for you all to get to know Cortland.  Not only did he excel in the NFL and was a part of the 2016 Super Bowl Carolina Panthers. He is a father of 3, husband, entrepreneur,  is connected to the ever growing I Love Juice Bar, co owner of Christopher Coy a luxurious woman's shoe line and a philanthropist. 
Cortland and I talk about eating healthy as an athlete and the importance of that, and also what he is now doing to give back and use his success to benefit others.


Side note: Cortland and I had to reschedule our first meeting, when planning I asked if he could come on a day that a client of mine was scheduled.  This client was a huge fan and had expressed her admiration for him in a previous appt.  Not only did Cortland take pictures with her and her mother, he also hung out and talked football with her.  It made her week, and it made mine to be able to have the opportunity to make it happen.  Thank you Cortland for all you do and all you are!