Tom Brady's eating;How Athletes should eat.

The Super Bowl has came and gone.  I wanted the Falcons but they did not over come the Patriots.  Along with the headlines of the Patriots win was also the headlines of star QB Tom Brady's diet. What Tom Cuts Out, Tom Brady's Extreme Diet, and more. 

The basis of his diet is cutting out various foods, that quite frankly, everyone should be cutting out.  He credits not just playing, but playing at the level of the best in the entire league. 

I think I’m living proof of what it’s been. I was the kid that was the 199th pick that never had the body for it. People didn’t think I’d play one year in the NFL, and now I’m going on my 17th year. So I actually feel like I’m a great case study, and I want to inspire athletes who do want to be their best to have a place to go where they can learn—to me—what the best information is available out there.
- Tom Brady


1. GMO's- Genetically Modified Organisms.  Food created to resist super bugs so they can't eat the "corn" but yet when rats eat the GMO corn, they get tumors, get sick, and die. 

2. Salt- Traditional table salt is not what our body desires for electrolyte balance. Choosing to use himalayan pink salt, or Celtic salt. 

3. White Sugar:   DEVIL.  You do not need it.  Stevia, Maple syrup, coconut sugar, local honey. 

4. White Flour:  Just like sugar.  Not needed.  Choose almond flour, coconut flour.

5. Olive OIl: Brady only uses olive oil for raw.  Olive oil can go rancid if you get it to a smoke point. It is best to lightly sauté with, or use with raw dressings. Coconut oil, ghee, avocado oil, are all good high heat cooking oils.  

6. Nightshades:  Brady chooses to not eat night shades which are tomatoes, peppers, eggplant and mushrooms. There is a large portion of the population who's bodies do not do well with this group of foods. It causes inflammation and dis-ease in their body. I do not take them out of a clients diet at first, but I do monitor the amounts they are eating. If they have a halt in progress or are continuing to have achy muscles I will ask them to remove those foods. 

7. Caffeine:   Many people choose to eliminate caffeine so they are not dependent on a stimulant for energy. It also is taxing on the adrenals and makes it hard to relax.  For some coffee specifically, upsets their digestion. 

8. Dairy:  We are not cows.  So why are we so dependent on another animals milk. Yes there are some beneficial enzyme and bacteria in raw cows milk. Who drinks it raw? (some do, but not many) For gut health and immunity it is very beneficial to eliminate dairy.... no more mucus! 

9. Fruit:   Brady probably chooses other food sources for energy out side or sugar sources.   Yes fruit can be very beneficial for your active body. Many over eat fruit and go outside of fruit that is in season in their area, and their body has a hard time adjusting to those not grown in their climate. 

Why is this extreme?  When did we feel okay with saying that chocolate milk is a great after workout/exercise food?  Why do professional athletes who typically have the income to support eating the best quality foods, not make that choice?   I believe it is a lack of knowledge, poor advice, and lack of care. 

I wrote about this in 2011 when I was fed up with athletes endorsing fast food and junk

In a world with so many amazing options that will better our lives and health, why not choose the best? If you are unsure of the best, contact me... Ill guide you :)   In the meantime review Brady's diet, choose to eliminate even one of the things he does, you will be better for it!