Greens and Spring

It is no coincidence that as the flowers bloom and the leaves are on the trees, our bodies begin to crave fresh foods, salads, juices and smoothies.   

If you live in an area where the seasons are always changing you might notice how you eat differently with each season, or you should. Our bodies will adapt to our environment. Women see this when they realize that their cycle can sync with ladies they work with.  We all will do this when it comes to our outdoor environment also.   This is why I will not recommend someone living in a region that is not tropical to eat tropical fruits.  Their taste buds will enjoy it but their body will find it to be somewhat foreign and the sugar spike might be greater for them.  

It is in our best interest to look at each season change as a time of renewal or preparation. Just as animals prepare for winter, we will also. We eat heavier foods, like root veggies and stews, we wear layers with our clothing and our environment around us dies off in preparation for the renewal of Spring.  Spring comes and new growth arises. We plant gardens and crave fresh.  Allow yourself to recognize this time.  Don't just allow the menu to change at your local fast food or sit down restaurant.  Recognize the desire for iced tea over hot tea. This typically happens with the warmer temps and season change.  You begin eating less meat and more greens.  All are a good thing.  

This practice is embraced with Ayurvedic medicine and is a great place to start when . My favorite Ayurvedic practitioner is John Douillard.  He has a great article on the season we are getting ready to move in, Kapha.   It contains a wonderful grocery list. 

Spring is not only great because the weather becomes warmer and the Earth is filled with color again, but it is a great time for the body to cleanse and renew.   Start with leafy greens and work on the rest.  You got this!