A few of my favorite things

I am on the go a lot. I have my business, raise and school my babies and also practice regular self care. I like food that is functional and also satisfies me.

What do I mean by functional?  Food that does more than provide just protein carbs and fat, but also gives my body nutrients, superfoods and herbs.  I also like to know that if I pop in anywhere almost, when I forgot to plan, I have an option.  

So lets get started,

1. Addictive Wellness Chocolate:  I met Sage and Ana Blanca at the Longevity Conference put on each year by David Wolfe.  They created a sugar free chocolate with amazing herbs and superfoods. One circle chocolate is potent enough to give you a dose of what you need based on the chocolate you are eating.  There is love and magic in these chocolates, I know :) 


2. Cultured Veggies & Sauerkraut: I love taking some Brads Raw Chips and some ferments and having my lunch or snack with them together. Fermented Veggies are wonderful for your digestion and are a great probiotic source. Now I will mention they do have an off setting odor to many, but the taste and benefits are so amazing, I don't worry about the odor. 

This is a local company I just found in our Whole Foods.  I really really enjoy Harvest Roots Ferments. 

3. Kind Bars:  There is really no bar that is perfect. If they are raw they have dates and tons of sugar. If they aren't they still have tons of sugar.   Kind bars aren't perfect but they are almost everywhere.  I would rather sub the sugar for fat, and I am able to do that with there low sugar options.   Next time you have to stop while traveling and get a snack, look for Kind, there is a likelihood you will find it. 

4. Spring Water in glass: If you follow me on social media you will know weekly the kids and I go to a local spring by our house.  We add water to our yeti's and also to a 5 gallon jug. We exclusively drink it and love it.  If I am out of my morning fill up and I am in whole foods I usually grab Starkey's. If you have not drank fresh spring water, there is nothing like it. 

 I hope you can pick up or order one of the above to make your life easier and have a pleasurable sweet treat.  

You have anything you want me to try?