Eating for a Purpose

We all know we eat to live.  Clearly it is what you have to do to function.  Our bodies are so amazing. Stop and think about how much it takes and still keeps going.  Stress, poor eating with almost no actual nutrition, lack of sleep, minimal exercise. Now, I know that is not the case with my readers, because you all are amazing.  I am sure you have a co worker or a friend who is the above.  ;) 

In all honestly though, our human body is so powerful it goes years and years not getting what it needs before it shows us signs that things have to change.  Partly from our lack of knowledge about real positive food, but also because we allow everything else to take priority other than ourselves.  

This is where eating for a purpose comes in.   It is as simple as saying this to yourself when you eat, "What purpose does this food right now serve me"  Simple right, before it is in your mouth think, is this positive food full of nutrients that my body will use, or is this pure pleasure (protein, carbs, fat, sugar).  The beauty comes when you can say this is both pleasurable and nutrient dense.   Trust me, you will get there. I live it daily.

You know about protein, carbs, and fat. We get those in large quantities daily. They are called our macro nutrients.  When you join a gym, or weight loss program, those are what they restrict for you.   High protein, lower carbs, low fat.   It is typically what you will go back to when the weight comes back on.    BUT, what about the other side of the equation?  MICRO nutrients are your best friend.  Get in bed with those babies, cause that is your key.  Look back on your daily meals, how many of your meals were full of vitamins and minerals, not just protein carbs and fat? As you prep and plan so you eat well, how much of your planning is around micro nutrients and not just the macro.    Are you eating for a positive purpose? 

1. Start with evaluation. Don't track food for calories, track food for nutrition.  

2. Review how many vitamins and minerals you are getting in your daily meals.  How many leafy greens, how many of the things you are eating actually can give your body the fuel it needs to thrive and also heal. 

3. Once you review how can you add more in, not in supplement form but in real food form.  Leafy greens, spirulina, chorella, quality fats like avocado and coconut oil.  

You will still have pleasurable foods that fall into the "minimal nutrients" category but they should not be the bulk of your eating.  They are the times you go to a party or celebrate a holiday.  Pleasurable foods with a positive memory attached.  

I left below some of my ways I get micros in when I am not able to sit down and have a meal.   I hope these help those of you on the go like me.