Ep:9 with iRussi (Julia Ross), discussing Celiac

In my experience many if not everyone should get off gluten if not just for a short time. Wheat has changed over the years, crappy gluten protein is used as fillers in so many things and it has become an allergy for many.   I do not advocate if you are going gluten free to use tons of gluten free boxed goods. Stick with real food and if desire gluten free grains.  

Julia is someone I have known for a long time now and has had to navigate a busy, on the go life with a gluten allergy that is life threatening.   Celiac disease.  Cross contamination can lead to an instant headache. Having gluten in a sauce will make her sick.   We talk about this and her discovery of it in Ep 9. Thank you so much Julia, you are a bright light for sure!