Healthy foods that are Acidic

As I talked about in last weeks blog post on being alkaline we want to have an 80/20 balance.  It is in my experience that a body that is coming to this new lifestyle extremely acidic they should begin with a 90/10 balance. 

What is extremely acidic?  Disease already present, lack of energy, mood swings, hormone imbalance, skin conditions, prescription drug use. and the list goes on. DIS-EASE.   This is a body that has been fed poor emotional thoughts, toxic food and uses body products that are also toxic.   

Now, you are in the position to change and we take the steps in my previous blog to reverse this acidness. Tons of leafy greens  gentle cooling foods, plenty of water.  There will be healthy food that you can eat with high quality that are mildly acidic. These foods will be the ones that you will need to minimize until you begin to see your Dis- ease reduced. These are animal products, eggs, nuts,seeds, and beans and legumes.   These will be your 10% acidic.  You might also recognize that these foods are also harder on your digestive system.  As you begin healing your gut and your good food is absorbed more efficiently then your dis ease will reduce.  

As always, remember, our thoughts and actions can also be toxic and acidic and have that effect on our body.  Our skin will also eat what we put on it, which can be acidic.  Be mindful and try to use the best quality you can afford.   

To be Alkaline.

alakline chart.jpg

Being Alkaline is not just about drinking water at a certain PH and then thinking it will solve your problems.    Darnit, I know that is the trend lately. I find it so funny the trend also involves said Alkaline water in plastic jugs, even if they are BPA free.  

Improvements will be made of course, just because the body is simply being hydrated.  Improvements will also be made because most people are drinking tap water or close to it water out of plastic jugs that is acidic and at a low PH.  This blog isn't just about water, it is about becoming and staying alkaline.   Water is where I see a lot of people go and think it will solve the problem. Choosing to EAT alkaline will solve the problem.    Dis-ease thrives in an acidic environment.  Candida and parasites love when our body is acidic and giving them a place to grow. 

It is like a broken record but start with leafy greens. Chlorophyll is alkaline. Taking in tons of leafy greens will cleanse the blood and allow us to become less acidic.   We do want some acidness, but this will come in the form of nuts and seeds along with animal products if you choose to eat meat. We can shoot for an 80/20 balance.    

It is also helpful to only pair one acidic thing with your alkaline meal.  For instance, the average plate is meat (acidic) carb (acidic) and salad or veggie side (alkaline).  The goal should be protein and tons of alkaline veggies, that is it.  Fruits and good fats are still in the moderately alkaline state, so having an avocado with a meal is fine. 

Remember to be mindful when you look at your plate, or even before you make your food. What does my body need? Is it serving to help fuel me or just to taste good.  Ideally it is doing both for you.  

You got This! 

Loving what's in the Mirror

Picture descriptions below post

Picture descriptions below post

Most women can say they have had times where they didn't like what they saw in the mirror.  I am also going to tell you, MEN FEEL THE SAME WAY!  Now they don't share well in general so you don't know.  But if they did, as they do to me (clients), you would realize they step on the scale a lot, analyze their waist line and pants size and also want to look good naked.  

I am going to only speak from a woman's perspective, since of course that is what I am. This will also be personal.  I got into the fitness/nutrition world because I had been an athlete in school, went to college, was not, and chose to figure out the right way to "train" my body instead of doing quick fix, detrimental type things.  Now, did I fall into gimmicks or something that promised a quick response, yes! But intuitively I knew it wasn't right or the long term.   

I became a personal trainer in college, moved into natural/holistic health, started giving colonics and went back to school for holistic nutrition. To now be where I am today. My struggle often came with my body not matching my knowledge. BUT, that is the thing, a book or text is not my body. Its an idea, its a theory, it is someone else's success but it is not me.   

As I lived, grew mentally and physically, my body changed. I had to work within that change. I didn't do well at times.  It might effect my mood that day, or sex, or allow me on occasion to look in the mirror and say who is this girl.   Now, I didn't hyper-focus on it daily but I did think about it when getting dressed or if a client came in and I wondered if I looked enough the part.   

One day, it clicked for me. One day I realized that this is a journey.  A journey that will last my whole life.   I will always be changing, evolving, and so will my body.   I chose to focus on my favorite parts first. My eyes, i love my blue eyes. Ive never had contacts, I see well and they are super blue.   I now have other favorite parts of my body. I didn't get stretch marks on my stomach but I did on both of my hips.  I let the kids know when they see them, I received them from what my body did to grow them. I said I want them to stay forever because they are there because I have you both. So they each claim a side :) 

Now I measure my goals on the mirror and reframing how I look at things. FOR INSTANCE. I struggle with my boobs.  As you can see from the pic above, while nursing they got very large. Now I am lean and thin, so I have no boobs yet the skin that stretched to feed my babies is there and hollow.   I also have stretched skin on my stomach, so when I am in a plank position and look down.... well it's not the prettiest thing Ive seen. BUT it is me.   I also know that those are things that I can't change with my own work.  I would need a doctor to remove skin or give me boobs.   But knowing I am doing the very best I can is actually very calming to me.  

We have to get to this place at our own time. Others can say, you look great. Or your partner could admire you. We, as the one looking in the mirror, have to see it.  We have to see the progress, the life, and the positive things that are unfolding.  We have to love the mirror.  

Caption for pics:   22 yr old sarah, taking a real camera selfie, pic 2 me, before running a half marathon still nursing charlie, my second child.  my morning abs, empty stomach, post first pee. Best they will look all day :), pic 4 I am bending forward for the purpose of this post to show my extra skin.   BIGGEST thing I rememeber from these pics is not how I looked... how I felt based on what I was going through at the time.  

Thank you for allowing me to share ( this was a tough one) 

Recovering from Surgery

I obviously look happy with my swollen cheek, haha

I obviously look happy with my swollen cheek, haha

So I have been off the grid so to speak with blog, facebook live and my youtube.  Last week I had all four of my wisdom teeth pulled.  I had neglected my teeth from a dentist stand point for years.  Now was time.  I was not worried about being put to sleep I was more worried about taking the antibiotic and the pain meds.  SIlly, I know, as some would welcome the idea of a zen pill that you have to take.   I on the other hand was thinking about my gut and all I had done to get it to this place.  In one day I was gonna drop a bomb on it.  

So here is what I did to help my self recover.   I did pre and post with juices, probiotic vinegar, bone broths,  CBD oil and also capsule probiotics. I also continued to drink my chlorophyl and fulvic minerals.  I wanted to make sure I was combating the antibiotics with good bacteria right behind it. I also chose bone broth because of its ability to nourish and heal the gut. I added coconut oil to it to provide me with more nourishment.   

CBD oil is great for inflammation and will also ease pain. I did this for my gut but also to not take the steroids that were prescribed to combat the swelling in my face.  Now I was told by others I didn't look as chipmunk as they did but i could tell the impact for sure.   After speaking to my Dr., he let me know that my roots were twisted and that when he removed them they all broke apart and they had to get each piece out. OUCH. 

No one wants surgery but sometimes It is necessary and you need to take meds you otherwise would not want to take.  You have to provide your body with what it needs after. If you do not it can turn into constipation, yeast infections and a very weakened immune system.  

Remember I am here if you need me, 

Get calm with this flower

Albizia Flower is a Chinese herb that is used to help anxiety and promote calmness without drowsiness.  The way I take this is as a tincture and it is in an alcohol base.  I find it to work fairly instant and has been a wonderful thing to keep in my purse for any moment of uneasiness I may have.  

This flower is actually found on a tree that belongs in the Magnolia family and is known as the tree of happiness. 

Albizia is thought to enhance all aspects of neurotransmitter secretion and regulation. However, because of its blood-moving properties, it is contraindicated for use during pregnancy. I love and trust the Dragon Herbs brand and have included the link below.   

As the month of May nears the end, I still want to draw awareness to mental health and its various forms.  



Getting to the root of your Anxiety

Last week I began talking about Anxiety as a part of Mental Health Awareness month, I am continueing that with a more personal insight into how if affected me. 

I know when I started to get anxiety really bad I could trace back how it first began, kinda like stair steps up up up to the peak of a couple panic attacks. 

We had gone through some extreme financial loss right after having Addi and we picked up some but it got bad again once I was pregnant with charlie. My sense of security and stability was really rocked and I was in full on survival mode.  Figuring out how I could save what we still had (a house I wanted to have this second child in) grow my business to make more money, and of course continue to raise my almost 2 year old.   Charlie came out perfect but chose not to sleep at night.   two year old, business, not sleeping, my body began wearing down.  It started with headaches that I made into more than headaches (what if something is wrong with my brain). Which led me to feeling tired as I drove.  So then it popped into my head that I could fall asleep while driving with the kids, and that totally freaked me out.  Now, that had not come close to happening, but once I planted that thought....... it grew.  So in the car with the kids I would yawn all the time and be super anxious. We would stop somewhere and I would be fine.  If I was driving without the kids i was still tried but the worry of falling asleep wasn't there

                                            **I didn't care if I got hurt........ yes! :( *****

So as you can see, it started with stress and lack of sleeping and i allowed it to manifest to a brain issue and the possibility of wrecking my car with the kids in it.  I really just needed a nap.  I could have taken things to repair my adrenals but I was breastfeeding and many were not good for my milk production.  I did notice as he got older and did not solely depend on me for food that my body was able to have a little more recovery time.  I also began trying to talk about what was on my mind. All the things I was worried about in our home, how I felt I was failing as a mother, how I wish my business would have been growing faster.  As I got them out I released that tension and energy from my body.  I also began to look at my successes rather than my short comings.  

I began to understand what was happening, accept it not as me being weird but as something that was going on for me in this period of time and it would pass.   And it did.  I was able to do things to help my adrenals recover. When I chose to stop nursing he instantly slept through the night and so did I.   I also got better at asking for help.  

Anxiety does suck, panic attacks are the worst, BUT when you begin to understand the root you can begin to get yourself to a place where it/they do not control your life.  

Hang in there, it really does get better,



Mental Health Awareness Month

The month of may is mental health awareness month.  Since the beginning of my practice I have had many clients on anti depressants, anti anxiety and mental health medications.   I will not make light of mental illness but I do want to offer an alternative to the traditional model of counseling and prescriptions.  Counseling being a must if it is an aware therapist that does not want to just medicate. You have to be willing to get to the source and dark part of you that is causing this extreme uneasiness. 

There is a direct correlation between mood and the gut.  90% of our serotonin is housed around the gut and when the gut is compromised then so is our mood and ability to regulate it.  Once this begins to happen then we also find our adrenals being overworked. Once adrenal fatigue sets in then it really is kinda downhill from there. BUT there are ways of eating, food based supplements and herbs along with coping techniques that can aid in relief and also help to get your off of any prescription medication when the time is right. 

I have a personal story I will be sharing through out this education that has prompted me to create a program centered around anxiety relief.  I know it can be embarrassing to have anxiety or panic attacks and sometimes you have no clue they will come up.   I can assure you there are options and ways of coping that will get you down the right path. I have only had small amounts of anxiety creep up on me.  It has been 8 years since my last panic attack.  

I look forward to sharing with you this week and I would love for you to share, as you feel comfortable how anxiety has effected you and how you have chose to manage it (no judgement here) .

Cacao: Bring the Love In

Chocolate is enjoyed by almost everyone.  Dark, milk, white chocolate most people know their preference when asked.  What many people do not know is that real raw natural cacao is so good for you.   We have been fooled to look at chocolate only as a dessert of treat.  We have not been taught to view it as a pleasurable food that is also a healthy dessert. 

Hershey's screwed it up for everyone, when the general population thinks a bar filled with sugar and milk is chocolate. At the state of a candy bar there is nothing of positive nutritional value in the chocolate they serve. 

Raw Cacao is an amazing superfood that starts out in a pod, each pod has cacao beans inside.  Each of those beans can be crushed to be cacao nibs or made into a fine powder which is cacao powder. It is very dark and biter but full of antioxidants and minerals. 

Cacao contains a high content of magnesium and will stimulate the release of endorphins. This is why cacao is considered a bliss food and also relaxing. It is very good for depression and mood swings. It also contains an amino acid called Theobromine, which will open up the capillaries. Anything that is taken with cacao is absorbed at a higher rate.  This also helps to support the heart chakra.  This is why many believe cacao to be a heart opening food, spiritually.  It allows us to take in more love.   

Do you buy raw cacao powder?  How do you use it?