Motivational Monday: Hoosiers

I have not posted for a while. To be honest I have chose to just relax and not do. I was over doing and feeling like any free moment I wasn't working was bad and you know what........ It didnt' help. It didnt' make my business better, it didn't make my mind better.  It only left me focusing to much on future and not the now.  This clip from one of my favorite sports movies address just that! 

Motivation Monday: Wonder

how many times when you are see a movie trailer do you cry?  Maybe Im the minority, but if it happens I am def going to watch that movie.   This is what happened with Wonder. It is no longer in the theatre but I am sure soon on dvd or Redbox.   I think the mother in me was drawn to the story and knowing, that although my children do not have a disability, we put them out into the world hoping the world treats them kind.  We all know everyone will not but we have to let them Wonder.   I loved taking my kids to this movie.  


Monday Motivation: Rudy

Maybe I want to cry every monday morning, or to be reminded that I am going after something bigger than myself,and I often times wonder what that even is.  

Born and raised in Indiana, we were spoiled with great sports inspired movies (yes Hoosiers will make a presence) 

Use Monday to motivate yourself to get through the week and go after things bigger than yourself!  


Monday Motivation: Pursuit of Happiness

Have you seen this movie? There is not a time I watch it I am not in tears.  I am crying now watching this trailer I chose.   

Life can knock us around for sure. I have lost a house, lost a car. But I had my babies, I had my family and I had myself. 

Move through your day with strength and power in knowing that just being alive is a blessing.  It isn't easy, some days really suck.  BUT what I do know is there is always a way to choose happiness. 


Keep Your Butt Down & Ask for Help

Trying to do and be all you want to be is hard.   I say that having my kids created a stronger work ethic in me, but I also think it taught me how to slow down.  It is hard to imagine where I would be if I didn't have them, or how far my business may be. I have been growing it right along with them growing.  What it has forced me to do it slow down, choose the best options, and cultivate and grow those options. If I tried to make everything happen right when I wanted I would have sacrificed my time with the kids to do it all. 

I started working out regularly again for about two years. It had been such a part of me in college and after, then I stopped.  I had my kids and getting enough sleep was the priority.  Once charlie was around 3 I started back in the gym, going when I could and began my routine.  I then chose to do a competition and face my fears in a bikini on stage with a lot of inspiring girls.  

I knew the competition lifestyle was not for me but I wanted to up my training.   I had been inspired by a trainer online, Amber Dodzweit, from before the competition. I chose to reach out to her for help and hire her to train me.  She was out of LA and I felt honored she had the time to work with me.  

The greatest thing about it, it was one thing I didn't have to think about. My try to do it all mentality isn't always self serving and it was nice I didn't have to do this.   

I think, as a mother, you are always in DO mode. Doing for you, doing for your kids, doing for your spouse,  doing for my clients. You forget it is ok to ask for help. More often than not there is someone waiting to help.  

  I started watching one of my favorite childhood movies, Hoosiers.  It has reminded me to get back to the fundamentals , just start putting in quality good work. No excuses, hard work pays off. 

 I just need to keep my butt down. Remember the fundamentals.  I need to ask for help.

We all do.  So now, my workouts are from Amber, but my husband trains me, pushes me and puts up with me cussing back at him.   I get a quality workout in, we get time together and I am less stressed.

Motherhood is never "easy" but more than likely if you ask for help someone is there to lend a hand.  This will make life easier, and the quality of time with your babies more.