Recovering from Surgery

I obviously look happy with my swollen cheek, haha

I obviously look happy with my swollen cheek, haha

So I have been off the grid so to speak with blog, facebook live and my youtube.  Last week I had all four of my wisdom teeth pulled.  I had neglected my teeth from a dentist stand point for years.  Now was time.  I was not worried about being put to sleep I was more worried about taking the antibiotic and the pain meds.  SIlly, I know, as some would welcome the idea of a zen pill that you have to take.   I on the other hand was thinking about my gut and all I had done to get it to this place.  In one day I was gonna drop a bomb on it.  

So here is what I did to help my self recover.   I did pre and post with juices, probiotic vinegar, bone broths,  CBD oil and also capsule probiotics. I also continued to drink my chlorophyl and fulvic minerals.  I wanted to make sure I was combating the antibiotics with good bacteria right behind it. I also chose bone broth because of its ability to nourish and heal the gut. I added coconut oil to it to provide me with more nourishment.   

CBD oil is great for inflammation and will also ease pain. I did this for my gut but also to not take the steroids that were prescribed to combat the swelling in my face.  Now I was told by others I didn't look as chipmunk as they did but i could tell the impact for sure.   After speaking to my Dr., he let me know that my roots were twisted and that when he removed them they all broke apart and they had to get each piece out. OUCH. 

No one wants surgery but sometimes It is necessary and you need to take meds you otherwise would not want to take.  You have to provide your body with what it needs after. If you do not it can turn into constipation, yeast infections and a very weakened immune system.  

Remember I am here if you need me,