Cacao: Bring the Love In

Chocolate is enjoyed by almost everyone.  Dark, milk, white chocolate most people know their preference when asked.  What many people do not know is that real raw natural cacao is so good for you.   We have been fooled to look at chocolate only as a dessert of treat.  We have not been taught to view it as a pleasurable food that is also a healthy dessert. 

Hershey's screwed it up for everyone, when the general population thinks a bar filled with sugar and milk is chocolate. At the state of a candy bar there is nothing of positive nutritional value in the chocolate they serve. 

Raw Cacao is an amazing superfood that starts out in a pod, each pod has cacao beans inside.  Each of those beans can be crushed to be cacao nibs or made into a fine powder which is cacao powder. It is very dark and biter but full of antioxidants and minerals. 

Cacao contains a high content of magnesium and will stimulate the release of endorphins. This is why cacao is considered a bliss food and also relaxing. It is very good for depression and mood swings. It also contains an amino acid called Theobromine, which will open up the capillaries. Anything that is taken with cacao is absorbed at a higher rate.  This also helps to support the heart chakra.  This is why many believe cacao to be a heart opening food, spiritually.  It allows us to take in more love.   

Do you buy raw cacao powder?  How do you use it?