Goji Berries: A fruit for all

It is no secret here how much I love goji berries. I have talked about them for years.  Yes there are a lot of wonderful berries, and many grown locally,but goji packs a punch and is filled with so much goodness you will want to get them today.  

Goji Berries are a complete protein and have a full amino acid panel.  They are the perfect fruit for vegans and vegetarians who are wanting to vary their protein intake. 

Goji Berries, or Wolfberry, also called the Himalayan Superfruit. They are one of the most nutritionally- rich fruits on the planet, packed with vitamins, minerals, protein and antioxidants. It  is a top longevity and strength-building food. It is also an adaptogen, which will help strengthen the body in times of stress, but can also calm the adrenals. 

They boost immunity, keep you alkaline, enhance stamina, longevity and sexual energy. 

A single goji berry can contain up to 21 trace minerals, including zinc, iron, copper, calcium and 18 different amino acids. Most goji berries are sun-dried, cultivated & harvested to maintain their potent raw qualities. The plant that produces these delicious gojis, Lycium barbarum, is a unique strain that has been used in Asian traditions for thousands of years. Goji Berries have been used over time for those with diabetes, high blood pressure, fever, and are greatly beneficial for eye problems. Goji Berries are also very good for boosting libido and for getting increased blood flow. Goji can also naturally boost HGH in your body which is a natural age reverser. 

As you can tell Goji Berries aren't all hype.  Add a tablespoon or two into a chia pudding or smoothie. They are great in a trail mix and soaking in hot water to make a goji berry tea.  As you continue to add them to your diet let me know what changes you notice.