Spirulina, and why you should be eating it.

It's hard when changing lifestyles and including all kinds of new foods.  What are the most important things to take daily? Where can I buy them, can I afford them?  

When I started eating superfoods I wanted them all.   I was excited and overwhelmed by the amount of nutrition and healing powder in these foods. 

There are great places online but I found it was hard for me to remember to order and I would be with out.  I chose a few that were easy to get that I would have daily.  Spirulina is one of them.  

Spirulina is a sea vegetable or known as  blue green algae.  It is packed with all kinds of nutrients and minerals.   Loaded with B12 and two grams of protein per teaspoon.  In packs more protein per gram than beef chicken or fish! Spirulina's protein is 80-90% digestible and contains no cellulose so its aminos are almost instantly absorbed, which is pretty amazing. 

Now I have talked about how important chlorophyll is in your diet. It is amazing for your gut and also for cleansing the blood.   Spirulina carries 10 times more chlorophyll than basic salad greens. 

Spirulina also carries a blue pigment that is hard to see, this pigment is phycocyanin. Phycocyanin is what allows sprirulina to aid the body in heavy metal and radiation removal.   It boosts your immune system and is anti viral. 

You can find Spirulina in pill or powder form. I prefer my clients to take the powder. It can be blended into drinks, smoothies or added into my fav homemade raw chocolate.  You can sprinkle in on top of salads or add it into a homemade salad dressing.  Whatever way you can get it in your body!     Below I have included an amazon link to a brand I find to be high quality.  

Let me know if you start using it!