Don't wait for Easter

Really when you think about it, this has been the best 4 months for candy makers!  Christmas, Valentines Day, Easter, all fill the shelves everywhere with candy. Lets be honest, if you have eaten real chocolate or the kind some of my friends make that are sugar free and also give you amazing herbs and superfoods, it is not hard to ignore the crap candy.  

one of Addi's kitchen "experiment" she was dissecting a lemon she said :) 

one of Addi's kitchen "experiment" she was dissecting a lemon she said :) 

First I am a mom, and as any moms know sugar draws your kids in. Addi my oldest I say could live off cheese and sugar.  So I have to monitor and limit it.  Yes, we only carry organic of both but they are still sugar and dairy.   So for me to indulge her I let her make these awesome superfood eggs and she doesn't have to ask to eat them.  


 Here is her recipe, and it will make 24 eggs, depending on the mold you use. 

1 cup of raw cacao powder.

1 cup of coconut oil (virgin unrefined) 

2 tsp of spirulina 

1/2 or less of pure maple syrup

nut butter of your choice. I use almond and Addi uses peanut butter 

any other superfoods you want to add to the chocolate.  Chia seeds work great or other powders that will mix well like Maca. 

Mix the above ingredients until it is smooth. Your coconut oil may chunk up if the maple syrup is cold so you will need to place your glass bowl next to a burner on the lowest heat to smooth it all out.  

We then place a small amount in the bottom of each egg and throw it in the fridge or freezer. Once it is hard add in a small amount of nut butter, or a large amount :). Place in fridge.   Remove once it is hard and add your top layer of chocolate.  Place back in fridge and you are done once they are hard, usually around 10-15 min.  

As you can see you are only getting maple syrup that is a "negative". You could sub with stevia, honey, or xylitol.   These are perfect to replace a standard chocolate egg, or the cadbury. You have just given Reeses a run for their money.   Enjoy!