Top Sex Foods

I learned a long time ago to embrace what you enjoy, and not be afraid to talk about it.. haha.

A majority of my life is of course talking about the body and healing.  I am the gal you text about poop, vaginas, and sex.  A badge I proudly wear.    Sex is healthy (responsible), it is mood lifting, inspiring, healing, and a great form of exercise (code word "cardio" in our house). If you are choosing or wanting to have sex then it is frustrating if you have no libido.  For females becoming to dry, or for a male unable to stay erect is beyond frustrating.  Im trying to use appropriate words... not saying wet or hard, is hard :P

My 21 day Cleanse was originally going to be called 21 Days to Better Sex. I found many of my clients were not reaping the benefits of great sex and I wanted to know why. Before creating it I polled my friends and clients and ask, if they were not having sex, why?  Was it because of desire, drive, business, etc.  I got a lot of feedback which allowed me to gear the cleanse towards body image and libido, but I chose to keep the cleanse name basic. 

Here are some of my favorite foods to boost your libido. 

Bee Pollen

This tiny little superfood that comes from bees is a great oxygenator.  It speeds up blood flow and you know what that helps.  It is great for energy and stamina. Full of over 59 trace minerals it is an easy one to sprinkle on a salad, in a smoothie or to just pop in your mouth.  Be careful if you haven't had it before, start with a little bit to make sure you do not have an allergy to it. 

Deer Antler

Say what? Yes safely harvested deer antler is amazing for your libido.  It is a Jing replenisher, so ladies everything you gave to have your babies, this will help you get it back.  When the deer/elk antlers grow to a point and get sharp they will fight with them. Choosing a reputable brand, they will safely harvest the tips of the antler and use them for tinctures or pills.  It is no harm to the deer and it is very replenishing to our bodies.  I enjoy Jing Herbs and Dragon Herbs brand.  I have had male clients tell me it worked for them fairly instant.   Remember these superfoods are adaptogens so they give your body what it needs. 

Goji Berries 

Gogi is an amazing adaptogen that balances your hormones and boosts your libido.  It naturally boosts your HGH (Human Growth Hormone). Here is an email I got from a client about goji berries.

ALSO, I ordered some Goji berries, a brand you recommended and they are DELICIOUS and just after two days, am feeling more energy, and I don't know if this is a benefit from Goji berries, but my sex drive is through the roof! 

Goji can be purchased in an alcohol tincture or sun dried. I use both daily. I like to put my goji's in a coffee grinder and then mix them into my chia pudding every morning. 


Maca is an amazing root that is known for promoting sexual function. It is full of EFA's and is easy to find. It is great at balancing the endocrine system and helping with stress.  It is also adaptogen that balance hormones and also increase fertility. I mostly use it in powder form in my smoothies, elixirs and chocolate. 

 I will have you start with these and as you begin adding them into your life I hope that you see more than just a boost in your libido, but also your overall health.  Superfood and super herb nutrition creates amazing longevity.