Coconut Oil: Your Best Friend

If you are tree huggin natural momma like me you have heard of coconut oil. Even if you are not I am sure you have heard of the many benefits. I wanted to share with you how we use it in our household.  We have it in our bedroom, bathroom and kitchen. 

Bathroom: It is a wonderful skin moisturizer. You can add essential oils to coconut oil keep it in a mason jar and after your shower, the steam will be sure to have melted the oil and it will be ready for application. 

You can also add it to your hot bath with epsom salts. This will be one of the most relaxing baths that will leave your skin sooooo soft.  Please be careful getting out of the tub, it can get quite slippery with the oil. 

Kitchen:  Great for cooking and raw food.  We make raw chocolate with coconut oil and also saute veggies with it.  

Kitchen is also where we keep our superfoods and supplements so coconut oil becomes part of our elixers. We used it when the kids were babies for rashes and skin conditions.  Coconut oil or any natural oil is a carrier of all things magical like your superfoods and herbs, so using it in smoothies allows your body to absorb it much better. 

Bedroom: Now this is the one that usually surprises my clients.  Yes bedroom!  Massage and lubricant.   Outside of it just keeping things fun, coconut oil is anti fungal, anti microbial, and anti bacterial.  If you (female) are having any yeast issues vaginally it is likely you are passing it to your partner. They will then pass it back to you and so on.  Coconut oil helps reduce this.  

How do you use coconut oil? If you have a question about how to use it let me know.