Review: Tru Vibe Goji Berries

I often have clients ask me what my favorite brands are and where I buy them.  I buy most of my superfoods online. It can make it more cost effective when you eat them as much as we do, and I can get multiple brands/types in one order.  I won't lie my superfood mostly budget is close to someones car payment. With my husband and I both using them daily it goes fast. BUT its our bodies, something we only have one of and we choose to treat it epically.

With all that being said here is the first of many Goji review :)

Tru Vibe Organic Goji Berries 

I have ordered about 4 bags so far at various time from Amazon. Like I said in the video their "vibe" is one I relate to. Gratitude, Courage, Creativity, Happiness, Confidence. You get what Im saying. A bag you read that not only gives you a good product but a great message.

I found my first and second bag I received to be so soft. Goji's are sold sun dried and can come sometimes hard and tough to chew. I was impressed with this first pound.  They typically have a similar texture to raisins.  

My third bag was very hard. I am not sure if this is because they cross hot and cold temps or are over dried?  I have found that if I leave the bag in the car they will get softer. Of course, if you add them to hot water they will almost go back to their original state. 

My 4th bag, the one in this video was perfection. Soft, chewy and it did not take me long to clean up the bag.   I would recommend checking them out. They have not yet surpassed my all time favorite ( which i will review with a give away) but they are in the top 3 for sure. IF you try them or have, let me know what you think.