Detox: Water

I know it's so simple, yet it is often not being used.  Our body is made of water and hydration is part of survival.  

When it comes to detox water obviously flushes toxins, but I want to speak about its role with the colon. In a simplified version, when digestion takes place and the body has fiber present, the water mixes with fiber and "bulks" it up so it can push through your colon, thus creating a bowel movement. 

If you are drinking coffee, wine, or pop, and not getting enough water then what little you do have is being used and is not hydrating your bowels. If you are not hydrated you are not pooping. If you are not pooping you are not detoxing.  

Our skin needs water, our hair needs water, our entire body needs water.   My suggestion is to begin your morning drinking water.  Before you allow yourself any other beverages have a liter of room temperature water. Drinking room temperature water will allow your body to not be shocked with water way different than your internal body temperature. 

 Set the goal for your day to drink half your body weight in water, after doing it for a week let me know what positive changes you notice :)