Kicking up the Libido


Libido, its a taboo topic for some, just like poop. Well we all know I am not afraid to talk about poop, nor sex.... although not at the same time :) 
Over the many years of working one on one with clients I will hear how their libido is suffering here is what I believe to be true:
 - There is a lack of desire
- There is a lack of will
- and there is crazy hormone stuff going on that gives you no desire and has you feeling unbalance and dry. 
Now the first two are not in my category.   The last one is. If someone mentally knows they want to, has desire for their partner but just can't seem to make it work.  It is a sign of hormone imbalance, due to poor eating, toxicity and stress (lack of sleep lack of self care etc).  
A large disruptor of our hormones and libido is toxicity and stress. When toxins are present in the body and not released they continue through the body and again affect our hormones 

Sex hormones can be converted into stress hormones, but not the other way around.So the reality is, your healthy sex life will suffer and always have to sacrifice and “take one for the team.” Stress ultimately perpetuates toxicity, low libido, emotional disconnect, infertility and difficulty achieving pregnancy.  excerpt from my 21 Day Signature Cleanse

I originally created my 21 Day cleanse for this reason... 21 Days to Better Sex. I got scared, kept the originally under tones of libido and allowed it to still do the job with out the name. We are inherently sexual beings who seek out pleasure. When this is not happening or the body is not clean things will being to feel like they are missing.   
To tap into your energized sexual self here are a few tips:
Cleanse:  Get a great food based cleanse that includes superfood and quality super herbs. Not just a cleanse that has you taking a bunch of supplements but one that cleanses with food... changes habits. ( I know a couple good ones, *wink *wink)
Rest: Practice self care.  get a massage, go to bed a little early, ask for help instead of trying to do it all
Toxic Products:  Begin eliminating toxic products for your body and hormone. Many carry hormone disrupters that are wrecking havoc on your body and not helping your liver do its job. 

I find a healthy sex life between two consenting adults very important for your emotional and spiritual well being. You have to take care of your body and mind to allow this to happen.
I am here for you, and your libido :)