Combat Allergies

Oh the dreaded Allergies.  I am fortunate to not have them. When I moved to Tennessee in 1999 to go to college so many people warned me I would get them. They said they are the worst.   I am glad I am not speaking first hand, but I have many friends who get them along with people I see posting on Facebook.  I would like to offer you some simple tips and a little more understanding on why they keep happening and how you can prevent them.  

Sneezing and stuffy nose is a response the body is giving you to say, "Hey you have something in you I need to blow out" or "Hey you are dried out so Im going to give you some extra mucus or lubricant to keep you from being dry inside"   When it is saying that and your body can' t balance, the sneezing will not stop and your nose will become to full of mucus and snot.  

What we do want, is for our immune system to respond and offer us relief with just a sneeze and then the rest is fought off because our immune system is strong.  Our immune system being strong will bring us back to our gut. Our colon/gut is the center for all disease or discomfort and building that up allows our immune system to kick in and for allergies to move on through.

Simple tips for building the immune system and helping allergies:

Remove dairy from your diet. Yes I know, cheese is your happy place, or a glass of milk makes you feel good. Unfortunately dairy is mucus causing and leads to inflammation. This inflammation can be in your lungs etc.  If we are having mucus stuck in our nose, you can be sure it is present in our gut. 

Add in a probiotic: Choose a quality probiotic.  Capsules need to be more than 5 strands of bacteria. Liquid, I enjoy inner-Eco, I can find it at Whole Foods or online.  Begin eating foods that contain probiotics, like keifer water, kombucha, sauerkraut, and kimchi.  Adding in good bacteria will aid in fighting the bad and also boost your immune system. You can use a probiotic powder on your skin as a facial or also on a sore to help it heal.  

Use ear oil:  I have a post dedicated to ear oil. It will prevent drying and mucus build up in your ears and nose. 

Use local honey or bee pollen: If you have the option to get honey or bee pollen no more than a 50 mile radius from your home it will aid in your body fighting off allergies.  Do not choose it just when allergies are present, use both year around.   Bee Pollen is also great for balancing blood sugar, boosting libido and increasing energy.  

Allergies are not fun, but you do not have to be subject to them.  Stay consistent with the above and they will be greatly improved.