Oil in your Ears

One of the first thing I will recommend to someone that calls or texts that they may have an ear infection or congestion in their nose, is to put warm oil in their ear.  

Often times, when the weather is cold outside and you have the warm air going in your car and home, our bodies have a hard time adjusting.  We begin to "dry out" from all the warm artificial air.  When this happens our body wants to help us, by lubing up our sinuses.  When this happens and we can not properly drain or release this extra "lube"  then we begin to get congested and stopped up by the extra mucus.  It sucks, but it is our bodies way of helping us stay hydrated in our sinuses. As things begin to drain it can go into the ears and if it does not drain from there we will get a back up and pressure. This can lead to an ear infection.  One way I work on my ears not getting backed up is to go to the Chiropractor, and I follow this easy tip for myself and the kids, ear oil. 

It can be as simple as warm quality olive oil, just a couple drops. You can also purchase an actual ear oil. It can come with garlic and other herbs that will help to lubricate, but also fight any bacteria or infection that can be there as a result of the back up.   Adding oil to each ear nightly will let the body know that it is not drying out and it will not create more mucus for your nose. Not only does it work but it feels really nice.

This ancient Ayurvedic technique  is one that I am sure you will be grateful to have this winter season.  Don't wait for you to get backed up, prevent it now.  Below I have included one of my favorite ear oils.