The Hustle is in your Head

The hustle is in your head.  What do I mean by that?

                                        Well simply, it comes down to the way you think. 

I was listening to a podcast in my car and they referenced Justin Bieber's documentary that was out in I think 2011. I remember watching it and really having a greater appreciation for him after. They talked about his mind frame and how hard he worked.   

So I decided when I got to the gym that morning (5 am) I would see if Netflix still had it on. They did.  So I started watching it. I only do 20 min of cardio to start but I already had tears in my eyes.  I love a good real life success story and if it is with music even better.   It goes through his life but also centered around the big goal of him selling out Madison Square Garden. Each time they would talk to the record executives or the well known main influences in his career all of them kept saying, no one this quickly, this early, has ever sold out Madison Square Garden. 

Now many 13 year olds, even adults would let that affect them, or give them doubt.  He wasn't dumb he knew it would be tough, but guess what, he HUSTLED.   Not only did he tell himself he could do it he busted his ass.  He took to twitter which was relatively new. He played for every radio station that would have him on and he worked worked worked.  

Now look where he is.  I know many of you only see his headlines of his immature times. I know if I had the spot lot on me going through high school and college, you wouldn't see the cops but it wouldn't have been things I would have wanted the world to see.  But look at his early career, look at how he was before you might have heard of him. 

For the sake of this blog and for your growth I want you to realize that the hustle is in your head as much as it is in your daily actions.   How we plan our day and life to be is how it will happen. IF we are set up for success we will. If we continue to bitch and moan about how someone else has it better, guess what, it will keep getting better for them and you will probably still bitch and moan.    

What is your big goal? What is your Madison Square Garden?   How will you make it happen?  

I highly recommend you watching his documentary on Netflix.  Apply that hustle to your goal, get outside the box and achieve your big dreams. I know you can do it!! 

Hustle Hard!