Thank you Tom Brady

Did he mess w the ball or not. I don't give a shit. I'm a Giants fan and always hope we win.  I can put aside football and agree with him on this for sure.  So if you want to debate his morals on the field... I DONT CARE. 

Brady openly opposed Coca Cola and referenced it as poison for kids. You can read more about it here, .  

Regradless if he endorsed them before or not, he is now, by-passing an endorsement deal, (im sure) to stand against a product that is recking havoc on our youth and adults health.  

Coca Cola who has a large PR firm and Registered Dieticians that enjoy the pay check, standing to their defense and mentioning their healthier options. 

“We offer more than 200 low‐ and no‐calorie beverages in the U.S. and Canada and a wide variety of smaller portion sizes of our regular drinks. As a responsible beverage company and marketer, we prominently provide calorie and sugar information for our beverages so people can choose what makes sense for them and their families."

"All of our beverages are safe and can be enjoyed as part of a balanced lifestyle," the representative added. (

Please re read that!!  If you are bad you are bad, there is no sugar coating.. pun intended.  Why don't you address the poison reference. Not about calories, about the toxins contained in your beverage and what it does to the body.  Full of HFCS (High Fructose Corn Syrup) which leads to obesity, cancer, and a host of other diseases.  4-MEI, caramel coloring, a known carcinogen. BPA, lined aluminum cans.  BPA, is full of phyto-estrogens that are stored in the liver and adversely effect our hormones. These stores lead to infertility and cancer.   

It is about time more celebrities and athletes stand up against promoting crap food.  I wrote about it on my old blog in 2011, Titled:  Athletes, Please Endorse Health .  Everyone from the beloved Peyton Manning and Drew Brees, to Olympic athletes and LaBron James who used to promote McDonalds.  I would love to see them live off the products they endorse and see how their body holds up during their career as an athlete.   

I understand there is big money in the endorsements they receive, but there is also big responsibility in the public position they hold.. Why not use your platform, much greater than mine, to stand up to big companies poisoning us with their food?