Healthy foods that are Acidic

As I talked about in last weeks blog post on being alkaline we want to have an 80/20 balance.  It is in my experience that a body that is coming to this new lifestyle extremely acidic they should begin with a 90/10 balance. 

What is extremely acidic?  Disease already present, lack of energy, mood swings, hormone imbalance, skin conditions, prescription drug use. and the list goes on. DIS-EASE.   This is a body that has been fed poor emotional thoughts, toxic food and uses body products that are also toxic.   

Now, you are in the position to change and we take the steps in my previous blog to reverse this acidness. Tons of leafy greens  gentle cooling foods, plenty of water.  There will be healthy food that you can eat with high quality that are mildly acidic. These foods will be the ones that you will need to minimize until you begin to see your Dis- ease reduced. These are animal products, eggs, nuts,seeds, and beans and legumes.   These will be your 10% acidic.  You might also recognize that these foods are also harder on your digestive system.  As you begin healing your gut and your good food is absorbed more efficiently then your dis ease will reduce.  

As always, remember, our thoughts and actions can also be toxic and acidic and have that effect on our body.  Our skin will also eat what we put on it, which can be acidic.  Be mindful and try to use the best quality you can afford.