A Plant Based Diet

I often get asked how I eat.  I refrain from going into large details about my eating because I do not want others to think they have to eat just like me to be successful. I eat based on my needs and goals and it has, so far been working. I do fine tune here and there and have the periods of time I get off track just like others. 

I refer to myself as Paleo-Vegan. Which if you know either of those “diets” its a bit of a contradiction to say that.  I eat very little meat, consume ghee and collagen, but also eat a whole lot of veggies and healthy fats.  I do have an internal struggle with flesh animals and eating them. I do not enjoy preparing them. I drink bone broth but do not make it myself because the bones gross me out.  I always choose quality or local but still on occasion, think deeper about the animal and that I am eating an animal and it grosses me out.  I also enjoy honey and bee pollen which is not consumed by most vegans.  

I grew up on a farm in Indiana and my parents still raise sheep. We would eat lamb on many occasions and it was always on the table on holidays.  I knew, yet really didn’t make the connection, that the lamb I might have showed for 4-H was the lamb on my plate.  I think that is how we become de-synthesized and able to consume so much meat as a culture. We do not make the connection.  It has often been said that we can be fine killing a cow but no way we would think about eating our dog.  Why is that?   

Now I am not here to convince you to be vegan or vegetarian. But I do want to manipulate you into eating more plants, superfoods, and herbs. :)    Being plant based means that bulk of your diet are plants.   Veggies, legumes, fruits, and anything that is grown on the earth.  Do you currently fall into this category?    

I will often say I could be Vegan and eat potato chips with every meal. I would not be eating  animal products.  Would that be healthy? No way!   Now, a plant based vegan says a lot. It is saying you are getting tons of plants, vitamins and minerals (hopefully).  

There is always an exception based on goals and health concerns.  Those are things I evaluate when guiding a client on their eating style.  Our eating might evolve as our health does.   Bottom line, you will not get “sicker” eating plants.  

Are you a plant based eater?