#TBT, Authenticity Doesn't Work for Everyone

In honor of Throwback Thursday, here is a blog post I did 2 years ago. It was a very popular one, Enjoy.   It was nice for me to have this look back also and see how much further I have come even since this :) 

I am the 3rd child and the baby. I had a brother ( when I was younger) who prevented boys from asking me out, my sister, still I am sure, gets embarrassed by my big mouth, that sometimes doesn’t think before I speak. Numerous times I would let Becky know I already had a mom.  I would tell smokers as a child how bad it was, tell my uncle how Mountain Dew was bad for him. ( he did end up with type 2 diabetes and switched to Diet Mt Dew… new message) :)I think you get my point.  So when I started my business as a colon hydrotherapist and then a nutritionist I was always concerned that my newsletters would offend someone or they wouldn’t agree. I wanted my language and type to appeal to everyone.  HA HA HAREALITY SARAH that never works even if you are saying all the “right” things.

I of course have worked on being more authentic in my life and my business, I can say no to events, people, product requests that just don’t fit my vibe and that does not feel right. I also do my best to dedicate my energy to my family and my clients. Both are a passion, and staying with a passion is so rewarding.

I recently featured in the Nashville Ledger ( shameless plug) . An awesome reporter I didn’t know ask to meet and record me answering her questions. I was not asked to pay and I was not asked to follow a “policy” or a “politically correct”  way of talking.  Since I do like to talk and I am passionate about health and nutrition, who knew what was going to come out of my mouth. What did and what was printed, made me cry for two reasons.

 Reason 1: Close to the end of last year I was up for a free lance job with Fresh Express ( the bag salads)  It would have been a great opportunity for me and wonderful, national brand exposure for Sarah Moore Health.  I really wanted this. Up to that point I didn’t know how someone would get that sort of gig and how it worked. I found out.  They chose someone that supposedly had more publicity than me, someone with a book deal, and as I now know someone I have never heard of.  I wasn’t going to look or see who was chosen, but I did. The campaign was launched in Jan, I went to the website and I, you could say cyber stalked her, haha. I found a interview that was done that was possibly authentic, to her but against everything I believed.  Preaching moderation, a coke every once in a while was ok, dairy, and ended with saying high fructose corn syrup, sugar and honey were all nutritionally the same, HAHAHHA seriously, honey the same as HFCS. She said all the right things that conventional nutrition believes and wants you to believe. Not what I believe or think leads to good health.  I was glad someone completely different than me was chosen. I believe I didn’t loose the job, I gained a perspective.

Reason 2:  After having the Fresh Express experience and then gaining the article out of no where, I read it first on my phone out loud to my husband. As I read the quotes I thought wow this sounds good, this is tell it like I think. Then I realized she had recorded me, those were my EXACT words.  I liked what I heard. I didn’t shrivel at the thought of offending someone, or worry what my mom or sister would think, I was full of joy!  Finally I was given the opportunity to represent my business and myself and it was fully me. My message was clear. I knew this article would attract the right people and the clients I would love to work with.  This is such a beautiful feeling, and I may or may not have read the article a few times.

My point: if you have a positive message, get it out there. Do not be silenced by others if it is preventing you from being your authentic self. In the end you only grow stronger and greater by being YOU